Gender equality. Sports in which women are not worse than men

We decided to see in which sports the best representatives can really compete with the best of.


First on our list are chess. Given that the main advantage in sports, men get over women, thanks to their superior physical abilities. Chess is a sport in which muscles mean nothing.

This is proved by at least the famous Hungarian chess player Judit Polgar, who throughout her career took part mainly in men’s tournaments.

Moreover, at the age of 15, she became the youngest male grandmaster on the planet. The highest rating of the girl allowed her to rise to 8th place in the men’s classification.

This, of course, is not the first line, but even such a position means that she can play practically on an equal footing with world chess champions.


Apart from chess, of the popular and accessible sports, only in car racing do we have the opportunity to directly compare the capabilities of men and women.

In all other sports, the strong and beautiful halves of humanity do not meet face to face. In motorsport, however, the successes of the girls are a little more modest, but not so modest as to separate the racers by gender.

In many motorsport series, women start against men and even win. The day is not far off when in the “royal” races, in “Formula 1”, a girl will take a place on the starting grid.

Horseback Riding

Chess and motorsport are the end of sports in which we can rely on practical knowledge to compare men and women, so a purely theoretical comparison will go on.

Like, for example, in equestrian sports. From the point of view of functionality, equestrian sports are very similar to automobile sports – the athlete’s task is only to control.

In one case, however, the athlete manages one “horsepower”, and in the other – several hundred. But the result is the same – the horse does all the physical work for the athlete.

So it turns out that there is not so much difference who pulls the reins, a man or a woman.


Although shooting requires some kind of physical preparation, the result primarily depends not on pumped up muscles, but on a sharp eye and strong nerves.

So it turns out that men in this sport are deprived of their main advantage – physical strength. To understand that women are able to shoot as well as and even better than men, just look at the results of the last Olympic Games.

In 10m air rifle shooting, the winner of the men’s event, Italian Niccolò Campriani scored 206.1 points. The strongest of the women, American Virginia Thrasher, won with a score of 208.0 points. As they say, as required to prove.


Everything said about shooting is also true for archery. Is that in this sport, physical strength is still a little more important. The women’s archery world record is 686 points.

With such a result in the men’s qualification, the girl at the 2016 Olympics would have taken third place without any problems. And this despite the fact that in Rio de Janeiro a world record was set among men – 700 points.


In 2016, bowling almost won the status of an Olympic sport. He was one of several contenders for inclusion in the 2020 Olympics, which will be held in Tokyo.

In the Olympic Games and even in the World Championships, men and women are separated. But their results show that they could well compete with each other.

For example, the best average result in qualifying competitions for the World Championships for men is 246.22 points. The women’s record is only a little over two points behind, at 244.03.


Billiards is one of those sports where accuracy and tactics are more important than brute physical strength. And although the girls fight in separate tournaments, theoretically, they could well compete with men on the green cloth.

So far, unfortunately, billiards among men is much more popular than among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

This is the reason for the bias in favor of the male sport. However, nothing prevents girls from playing on a par with men.


If you believe a common joke, then girls play curling even better than men, because in this sport you need to actively work with a “mop”.

In fact, one gets the impression that the Russian women’s team may well even give odds to the men’s team. Of course, curling requires excellent physical condition, because the stone, which the athletes are trying to place as close to the center as possible, weighs almost 20 kilograms.

But the dominant role is still played not by force, but by accuracy.