Darts betting

Darts is popular in the US and UK. In this article, we will tell you how to bet on darts, what types of bets are there and how to win in a dispute with bookmakers.

Features of betting on darts

Darts is a sport in which players throw darts at a target. World championships and major tournaments are held in this discipline, in order to win in which you need to be a professional.

Briefly about the rules of the game: darts is an individual sport. The game is divided into sets, to win each of which the player needs to take from 3 to 5 legs (depending on the tournament).

The match continues until a victory in three sets, but there are exceptions.Before the start of each leg, the athlete is awarded points – either 301 or 501. Players take turns throwing three darts at the target from a distance of 2.37 m.

Depending on the sector on the target that the participant hits, a certain number of points are deducted from him.

The target is divided into 20 sectors, two doubling and tripling rings, bullseye and center bullseye. The goal is to reset the score in each leg before the opponent.

The balance must be reduced to zero, and not go into the red. That is, if the player has 12 points left, he must score exactly 12 with the last throw (for example, doubling 6). With the finishing throw, the player must hit the bull’s-eye or double the points.

The peculiarity of darts is in individuality. The fate of the meeting depends on the two players, not the team. Darts is not only the ability to throw right on target, but also the ability to cope with the psychological factor at a decisive moment.

Cool players still know how to imperceptibly for referees to influence the opponent’s psychology and force him to make decisive mistakes.

Unlike football or hockey, where the rules are the same, in darts, the input data can change in different competitions. Before placing a bet, you need to know the rules of the tournament.

Sensations here are very rare, especially if the underdog is given a coefficient of 4.0 or more. Only 7 people have become world champions in history, and Phil Taylor has done it 14 times.

How to bet on darts

For winning bets, you need to carry out preparatory work, study statistics, the history of personal meetings of athletes and other factors. There are darts betting strategies that help you correctly allocate your bank

Each tournament has differences and features. The main differences are the number of lags in the set and the number of initial points the player has.

It is important to study the characteristics of each athlete and their history of confrontations. Much depends on the current physical and psychological form of the players.

There are several strategies for betting on darts, the authors of which assure that the option they offer is a win-win. But there are no one hundred percent sports betting strategies, and any working strategy depends on its competent application.

In some tournaments, it makes sense to flirt with an underdog against a favorite. To do this, you need to track whether the outsider has qualified, how confidently he did it.

If the victories were won confidently, then he is in good shape, but his opponent, who is just starting his journey, may not be ready yet.

It is necessary to study the statistics of past matches. It is worth evaluating how the athlete behaves on his own and other people’s throws.

Which bookmakers can bet on darts

Bets on major darts tournaments are accepted in all legal offices in Russia, but they are limited to a minimum set of markets:

  • outcomes;
  • totals;
  • odds on sets.

Some BCs have a deeper painting. For example, in the bookmaker “1xBet” you can find almost all betting options.

Summary and Tips

Darts is a serious sport with solid prize pools and world championships. Successful betting on darts is a deep analysis, taking into account all the intricacies of the game and the characteristics of the participants in the fight, as well as the analysis of statistics and the ability to analyze them correctly.