ESports betting and reviews: discover the best esports betting sites

How to choose the best bookmaker, what bonuses can you get for eSports betting, is such activity legal? Answers to these and other questions in this article.


Choosing your first esports bookmaker is no easy task. After all, there is no globally best bookmaker, there is the best bookmaker for you – the most convenient, comfortable and understandable.

When choosing a company, you should ask yourself a lot of questions, from the legality of this company in your region, to the ratios and methods of financial calculations.


We provide the most detailed and objective reviews of various betting companies providing services in the field of eSports. In the process of choosing the right bookmaker for you, we recommend that you read our reviews to get a complete picture of eSports bookmakers.

In addition, we understand the value of your time and the potential impossibility to pay attention to several dozen reviews – therefore, on the right you can find the most optimal, in our opinion, esports betting sites with the highest ratings and best reviews.


Naturally, there is no unified system for evaluating sites with eSports bets – how many people, companies, so many positions. Considering this fact, we have tried to touch upon every significant aspect in order to give the most objective assessment of a particular bookmaker.

We set aside all personal preferences and opinions, and focused on the main important factors by which you can evaluate a bookmaker – reliability, legality, user reviews, convenience of financial transactions, software.
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Reputation is of the utmost importance to any of us. It is earned over the years, and can be destroyed in one moment, by an event – that is why it plays such an important role.

For online bookmakers, as service providers, reputation is even more important – the loss of it is the loss of customers. Every time you type in the name of a bookmaker in the search bar, the search engine displays a lot of related links and sites.

Nowadays, technology is at a high level, and we are lucky in this: it is becoming more and more difficult for scammers to operate, and if the site is involved in any suspicious transactions, you can easily find negative and dubious reviews and reviews on it in the top of the search. Such information is the most relevant for search engines.

Also, when viewing this kind of content, you will understand how well the processing of requests, complaints, statements is going on – in other words, how the bookmaker interacts with customers.

Another factor may be the age of the group: you are unlikely to trust a bookmaker with a fresh website and communities in social networks formed ten days ago; an experienced company with nothing to hide, on the contrary, is likely to have a strong, long-standing group with its audience. All this will also help you collect the necessary information about the bookmaker.

Referring to customer reviews on specialized forums and portals, try to be careful and objective, because a negative review in this case can only be written because the company’s client lost a round sum of money on an unsuccessful bet, and decided to brand the bookmaker out of emotion.

We recommend that you accept only detailed, thorough and objective reviews and reviews of companies – as a rule, regular customers do not have only positive or only negative opinions – usually there are both sides of the coin.

In the process of preparing and writing our reviews, we relied, among other things, on the opinions of users and their general attitude towards the eSports bookmaker.


Esports betting is a very young and dynamic gambling industry. Now there are betting companies that accept mainly or only bets on e-sports.

There are also specialized services like Unikrn. Do not forget about fantasy bets and inventory bets. However, many classic reputable bookmakers have also opened an eSports section in their services.

Such an account is a separate cell, a separate bank account for an account, separated from the personal working capital of the betting company.

However, unscrupulous bookmakers may deliberately delay the withdrawal of funds in order to use your money as negotiable. This is an unpleasant moment, but such a practice, unfortunately, exists.

A segregated account means that in the event of financial difficulties with the betting company, the operator (bookmaker) will not use your funds in their own interests. This allows you to keep your money in independence and reliability in any situation.

The problem is that this information is not in the public domain, and it is impossible to verify it. However, if the betting company has a serious reputation, then it is unlikely that its promise to have a separate account will be false.

Although this point is far from obvious, and rarely thought about by ordinary players, it certainly also plays an important role.


After checking the reliability of a betting company, you should switch directly to assessing the quality of the product it provides. Reliability is good, but how will it help you if there is no way to choose the right option for a bet, or bet the desired amount?

It also depends on your individual preferences: maybe high odds are important to you, or maybe you will opt for a very wide line and medium odds.

When operating with eSports betting, the number of proposed outcomes is very important, because in the case of a wide choice, you can conduct competent analytics and choose the option that suits you. It is important that the maximum bet is not equal to ten US dollars.

We introduce such a clarification due to the fact that for extraordinary outcomes, the maximums, as a rule, are lower than for the main ones.

Another criterion for evaluating the quality of a bookmaker’s product may be the time required to calculate bets. Most serious bookmakers calculate past events almost immediately after their completion, but sometimes, in case of ambiguous and controversial events in a match, the bet calculation time can be increased.