ESports. Game betting

Betting on esports is a legacy of the era in which computer games became a sport. The classic network game is no longer suitable for anyone, players prefer to compete with colleagues in the craft.

What is esports betting

Cybersport is a team or individual competition. Competitions are held in computer simulators, shooters, fighting games, etc.

For the first time such tournaments were held in 1995.There were more competitions, and at the same time, the number of teams and the amount of rewards to players grew. The eSports betting market has also developed.

In the past, a team or a player could freely participate in tournaments, but now, in order to participate in international competitions, one cannot do without a national selection.

The volume of e-sports betting is larger than volleyball or tennis, and is already approaching football in terms of popularity and the number of bets.

Popular esports tournaments

Here are some popular leagues in the world of eSports:


Electronic Sports World Cup. This competition originated in 2003 and often takes place in Paris.

Intel Extreme Masters.

It was created by the authoritative organization ESL – Electronic Sports League, headquartered in Cologne. This cup is considered one of the most innovative market movements.

ESL introduces new disciplines that are starting to catch on and eliminates obsolete ones.

The International.

The largest competition in Dota 2. The tournament is both a bright presentation of the game and a major event in the esports arena.

League of Legends.

A tournament in which competitions are held as part of the popular game of the same name. One of the most massive events in eSports, for which the Imagine Dragons musical group created the song Warriors.

A series of Major tournaments (CS:GO).

The tournament is a series of Counter-Strike leagues. Their main sponsor and creator is Valve.

Another tournament is WCG: World Cyber ​​Games, which originated in 2000 and was considered the most massive eSports competition. Players from all over the planet participated in the competition, which is why the tournament was called the “cyberolympiad”.

The introduction of our own anthem and the original opening ceremony added color to the competition. Now the tournament is closed, but it still remains memorable and significant for eSports.

The main types of eSports bets

  • Consider the main types of bets that can be made in eSports:
  • outright (long-term bets). The peculiarity of the bet is that the quotes for the victory of the favorites are much lower than in traditional sports;
  • live bets. Bets made directly at the time of the tournament event;
  • event outcome. There are also many similarities with the usual types of bets. As a rule, the bet is placed on P1, P2, X;
  • handicap bet. It can be plus or minus. If in an esports competition one of the participants or teams has a clear advantage, then you can bet with a more favorable odds on the handicap – positive for the outsider and negative for the favorite;
  • total betting. Depends on the type of discipline. The odds in this case are also quite high, but this type of bet is recommended to be made at the beginning of the competition.

CS:GO betting

CS:GO is a team shooter where 5v5 confrontation takes place. Each of the competitions involves maps determined before the start of the tournament.

Players love different maps that demonstrate different levels of play, which is similar to tennis – in this sport, some participants demonstrate an outstanding game on clay, others on grass, and others on the surface.

Depending on the characteristics of the players, the bettor draws conclusions about the appropriateness of a particular bet.

The cycle of the game includes two periods – in the first 15 rounds, and the second – up to 16 team wins. In case of a draw, additional periods are assigned.

Tips for beginners

To begin with, the bettor is advised to choose a suitable bookmaker with low margins. It is necessary that the bookmaker does not limit the actions of winning bettors.

The player should collect information about the player and concentrate on one market or tournament. You should not bet on several games at the same time, so as not to drain the bank.