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The table game UNO (UNO) is fast and non -cleared. The rules of the game UNO are extremely simple, and the cards are vibrant and juicy. Are you going on vacation? Hurry, the game uno will not be able to buy yourself!

Board game Uno (UNO)

Uno – Definitely one of the most popular board games. It is an obligatory component of any gamer, fun for all times and space, unlucking classic of the world of card games! rules Uno They are explained in a minute, and you can enjoy the game for hours!

Uno’s card board game is one of the most famous in the world!

More than 150,000,000 copies have been sold all over the world!

  • Elementary rules
  • It is convenient to take with you
  • Living classic
  • inspired to create many analogues
  • If you like complex tasks, it may seem rustic

UNO: A little more about the game

Card Board game Uno (UNO) – One of the most famous in the world!

AT Uno Musicians, actors, politicians, astronauts and just all enthusiastic people play. A game that does not recognize the barriers is about Uno.

For example, Uno In the dexterous hands of Jackie Chan.

UNO (UNO) – This is a fun and fast game with elementary rules, the development of which you will need no more than five minutes. If in childhood you played in One hundred one(101), then almost ready to join the battle 🙂

How to play UNO (UNO)?

Short and quick review from the store:

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A deck for playing in Uno Contains cards with numbers from 0 to 9 four colors, as well as special: “Skip the move”, “On the contrary”, “Take two”, “Order color” and “Order color and take four”.

Each is heard 7 cards, after which it is laid alone for reset. The purpose of the game is the first to get rid of all cards. The winner receives points, according to the cards remaining in the arms of the rest.

Players c Uno During their move, they drop one map in such a way that the discarded one matches the color or face value with a map dropped by the previous player. It would seem that everything is simple and boring, but special cards bring such desired changes.

  • Firstly, “skip the move”: you can prevent the next player after you to throw off the card.
  • Secondly, you can change the direction of the passage with the card “on the contrary”: that is, if the move was transmitted clockwise, then “on the contrary” sets the direction counterclockwise.
  • Thirdly, you have the opportunity to force the next player to take two cards and miss the move using “Take two”.
  • Fourth, you can order the color you need using the “Order Color” card. It can be used on any color – a kind of lifting stick.
  • Well, and, fifthly, you have a super-arrangement-“order color and take four”: you can order the necessary color for yourself, and force you to take 4 cards that walks.

The parties fly by unnoticed, and the fun is in full swing. As numerous experiments have shown, the more people, the more fun.

The packaging with the Uno game seems to jump into your pocket by itself, you just have to arrange a meeting in a cafe and start packing.

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