The most unusual sports

Sepak takraw, jai alai, bossabol. No, this is not a random set of letters. These sports really exist and are spread all over the world, competitions and championships are held in them.

Underwater hockey

Underwater hockey was invented by American diving instructor Alan Blake, who wanted to keep fit not only in the summer. The main goal of the game is to hit the opponent’s goal at the bottom of the pool.

Sticks in underwater hockey are almost five times shorter than usual – 30 centimeters, and inside the puck there is a steel core. Two teams of six people play (plus four spares on the surface).

The advantage of underwater hockey is that everyone can play it: regardless of gender, age or build, water equalizes the chances of athletes. Underwater hockey is actively developing: there are already 228 professional clubs around the world.

Sepak takraw

For the first time, sepak takraw is mentioned in the annals of the 15th century, and scenes from the game are depicted on the frescoes of a temple in Thailand. Sepak takraw is a symbiosis of football and volleyball.

Teams play the ball with their feet, but over the net. Athletes value endurance and stretching. The tricks in the air are impressive, thanks to which the athletes first hold the ball and then send it to the opponent’s side.

The team consists of three people, for the game they use a light (up to 180 grams) wicker ball.

Roller derby

Roller derby is a contact sport on roller skates (the wheels are arranged in two rows). During the match, the opponents ride counterclockwise around the track.

The goal of the game is to get ahead by overcoming the defenses of the opposing team. Roller derby is a predominantly female sport.

The team consists of five participants, and the match consists of two half-hour periods, which are divided into two-minute segments (jams).

In this sport, it is customary to come up with a formidable nickname for yourself, reflecting the internal state.


We first learned about chessboxing from Enki Bilal’s comic book Froid-Équateur. Dutch performance artist Ipe Rubing was so inspired by the concept of the game that he brought it to life.

He also became the first world chess boxing champion. A hybrid sport develops both the physical and intellectual abilities of a person. His main idea is the combination of chess and boxing.

The match consists of 11 rounds (odd – chess, even – boxing). Rivals fight in the ring, they play chess in the same place.

Jai alai

Jai Alai is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest sport in the world. With the help of a special glove similar to a ladle, the players throw the ball against the wall.

The opponent catches it and throws it again. The jai alai ball is very hard and has a speed of up to 300 km/h. It must not fly out of the area or touch the floor. Players say that every 15 minutes the ball breaks and has to be replaced.


The basis of bossaball is acrobatic training. You can hit the ball with your hand, or you can perform a spectacular trick. There are four or five players on a team.

Bossaball has an unusual scoring system. A team can receive points both in volleyball criteria and in football, and the points received are summed up.

Surprises bossaball and playground. Tournaments are held on large inflatable trampolines with a net in the center.

One wheel hockey

The uniqueness of this sport is in the unicycle (unicycle) on which the players move. Such a bicycle is not much different from a circus one, only in material.

Most often, tournaments are held in sports halls. The surface of the court is smooth, a tennis ball is used instead of a puck. The stick and goal of the players are the same as those of hockey players on ice.

There are four field players on the team. The goalkeeper also protects the gate on a unicycle.


It is also called Muggle Quidditch. This sport became famous thanks to JK Rowling and the magical world of Harry Potter. In the Harry books, Quidditch players fly on broomsticks, throw balls into rings, and risk their lives.

In the real world, Quidditch is like handball. But without magical paraphernalia, he did not become boring or uninteresting. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to play Quidditch.

There are two teams of seven people on the field. The goal of the game is to score the maximum number of points. Beaters play tennis or badminton rackets. The match ends if one of the teams caught the Snitch (the same small and nimble ball) or after 45 minutes.


Mas-wrestling is a national sport in Yakutia. Two people sit facing each other and rest their feet on a wooden partition. The rules of the game are very simple, which cannot be said about the course of the game itself.

The one who takes the stick from the opponent wins. The fight lasts until one of the athletes wins in two rounds.