Baltbet superexpress

The more bets won in Superexpress, the higher the profit. RB Leipzig. All Baltbet transactions. Good set of live bets.

Baltbet bookmaker superexpress

If a large number of competitions are provided per day, then the daytime and evening last draws of Baltbet are held. When paying through the payment form toto forecast – BetCity superexpress, you indicate your e-mail to it and a paid BetCity toto forecast will be sent two hours before the start of the draw. This is exactly how it works here.

1. An excellent line with a good line for all types of bets.

2. If a player is wondering how much he can win on an online totalizator, he should take into account several points: the percentage of the pool that the bookmaker will take;.

3. Details about registration in Baltbet are written here.

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The entrance to the virtual portal for betting on a variety is possible using a login-password, a registration form or through synchronized social networks. Each registered user can issue superexpress – a special type of totalizator, consisting of an elementary program.

Prediction Tournament “Fifteen from Baltbet”

Log in and get access to a rich choice on the Line – here you have a chance to predict the results not only of sports meetings, but also the results of political races or popular TV shows. This is a remix of chess, checkers and corners. Manchester city.

The minimum deposit amount is rubles for all methods. You answered the question correctly! Fonbet khl bets. Free and without ads, you don’t need to download or install Pino – an online logic game based on tactics and strategy.

The line in BC Baltbet is quite wide and covers almost all competitions, up to junior and youth. Totalizator, in which only profit matters. In BaltBet superexpress you can play according to the brief system using package bets.

What is Super Express

For super express, the bookmaker chooses 10-15 outcomes that players need to guess. In some toto, you need to predict only the outcomes, in others – the exact score of the meeting.

More guessed outcomes – more winnings. Super Express involves payments by categories. For example, among those players who guessed 9, 10 or 13 events. If money remains in the prize fund after the draw, then they are added to the next draw.

Terms of participation in Baltbet superexpress

A player who wants to take part in the promotion needs to guess the outcomes of matches from the list offered by the bookmaker. There are 15 events in total. If you manage to predict 9 or more outcomes, there is a chance to win.

The jackpot goes to bettors who managed to correctly predict all 15 events. The totality of these outcomes in Baltbet is called a circulation. The start of the draw is the start of the first event out of 15.

Users who want to take part in BALTBET Super Express today must be registered and identified. Only in this way the winnings can be withdrawn.

Prize Fund Calculation Example

Super prize is an additional promotion from the Baltbet bookmaker. It is calculated depending on the amount of undrawn money in previous draws.

However, there were unplayed outcomes – for 14 and 15 events. In this case, each of these two groups did not receive 5% of the total prize pool.It will be distributed as a super prize in the next draw.

If the next time the participants of one or more categories fail to predict the outcome of the required number of events, the money is summed up.