Betting League Registration – Instructions How to Register and Review

How to register in the legal bookmaker of the betting league through a computer, a mobile version and an application for a phone, as well as a detailed review of the bookmaker

Registration in the betting league

The betting league is the first legal bookmaker of Russia, which began to function on the Internet legally. In addition, the company acted as one of the initiators and the creator of a mechanism that allowed the legal to legalize sports.

The bookmaker has a simple but functional site. More than 600 ground -based bets are opened, and not only in large cities. Clubs regularly hold contests and draws of valuable prizes.

How to register in the betting league: step -by -step instructions

Registration on the bookmaker’s website with PC takes only a few minutes. The first thing to do is to press the button below and go to the betting platform.Pressing will immediately open the registration form in which there are two options.

  • Registration of new customers – at the first stage, it will require only a phone number for which a unique code will come;
  • Registration for those who have a company club card (you can get it at the BC club). Here the registration form is slightly wider. Therefore, we recommend that you first register a new user on the site, and after, if you need a club card and the ability to make offline bets, go to the Betting League club.

By indicating the code sent to you in a special window – press the “Next” button and go to the next stage of registration.

This stage will be combined with identification, so, in the registration form you will need to indicate your name, date of birth, place of registration, and also come up with a password.

After that, it remains only to verify the account online (through a video conference) or visiting the BC club.

Registration in the betting league from a mobile phone

Here everything also begins with the transition to the BC website by the button.Pressing will transfer you to the mobile version of the betting site, which copies the full site for the PC and is not at all inferior in convenience and functionality.

Registration through the mobile version

After the transition, proceed to fill out the shape of the new user. Indicate the phone to which the confirmation code will come.

In the next step, come up with a password (at least 8 characters, it is necessary to use the numbers and letters of the upper and lower register). Enter the last name, name and patronymic. Indicate the floor and date of birth.

Next, the country and the city of residence are selected, the mobile phone number is entered. Study the winnings and rules, confirm consent to the transfer of personal data. Click on Register.

Also, at the next steps, you will need to confirm the number of a mobile phone and undergo identification.

Registration through a mobile application

The process of registration in the company through the Betting League mobile application looks practically identical

After starting a mobile application, expand the menu – click on three lines in the upper right corner or use the pile from left to right. Now select Registration.

The shape of the new user looks different, but filling is no different from the mobile version. Unless the “currency” block appears, but in any case a Russian ruble will be used. Click on the “Registration” button.

Next, everything is exactly the same as on the mobile site.

The application has the opportunity to switch to a neighboring tab, which is used to register players who have a betting card of the bets. The questionnaire is slightly different.

Identification in the bookmaker of the betting league

Identification of the account, it is also a personality confirmation, is a mandatory procedure for all legal bookmakers without exception.

In addition, identification helps to understand whether the account registered in your name belongs to you and you firmly intend to bet.

Online identification

To date, the identification algorithm is significantly simplified, and for its passage it is not necessary to even leave the house, because Everything is done online.

To undergo online identification in the betting league, after indicating in your personal account (created at the time of registration) of personal data, it is necessary to download color scans or photos of the passport-pages with photos and registration in a special form. After the data is verified by the company’s specialists (very quickly), the possibility of transition to bets will arise.

Offline identification

OFLINA or, as it is also called “complete” identification is carried out in bookmaker clubs (is in almost every city), as well as the commands of the Svyaznoy network or Contact system, where you need to come with the passport and the phone indicated during the registration process.

Is it possible to register in the BC League of bets without checking the personality?

It is impossible to make bets without undergoing identification and without confirming your identity after checking. Moreover, it is impossible in any legal BC. The maximum that will be done is to undergo initial registration on the site, but this is pointless, because Neither replenish the account, nor receive a bonus, nor to bet without checking the personality will be possible.

Review of the personal account

The personal account is convenient, made in the style of minimalism – nothing superfluous. Consists of five blocks:

  1. Personal information.
  2. Management of interactive rates.
  3. The story of the bet. All bets are displayed here, convenient filters are available.
  4. We will classify notifications and their settings as one item. Here you can turn off all the notifications, or leave the most important.

Coefficients and margin

In quotes for the top five of the best European championships – England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France, a margin of about 4% on the outcome is laid. The value for the basic total and the head start increases to 7%. For the rest of the league, the commission increases on average to 8%.

In hockey, the margin is for the result, total and head start – 5% in the KHL. In the NHL, the outcome coefficients are the same, but on total and head start-6-7%. The value for other tournaments is 8%.

In tennis for ATP and WTA competitions, margin is located around 6-8%, and for tournaments a rank lower, it reaches 10%.

In basketball, the value depends not only on the tournament, but also the market – 8% for the result of the regulated time and 10% for the outcome, taking into account overtime. Equal for the coefficients-1.90-1.90 in the NBA and 1.87-1.87 in other championships.

Mobile applications for iOS and android and site

Application opportunities:

  • Betting;
  • Viewing direct broadcasts;
  • The conclusion of ordinals, systems and expresses;
  • Viewing the history of bets;
  • Removal of funds;
  • Support communication.

The application is simple, but comfortable. Convenient navigation makes him an excellent assistant.The category of “Favorites” will be introduced soon, sorting events in championships and access to statistics is opened.

You can download it in AppStore by link.The program is designed for the platform iOS, that is, is available on iPhone and iPad. Version for Android In Google Playmarket – there is no, since Google prohibits the application related to gambling in Playmarket’s.

But you can easily download the application for your Android device from the betting website. There are also instructions for installing and using the application for both iOS and Android

The mobile site is practically not inferior in functionality to the main portal. There is only a living chat with a consultant.

Direct broadcasts and replenishment of balance are supported. The history of bets and payment transactions, a match center, tracking of the club rate, search for matches and favorites is available.