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OBPOU "Kursk Basic Medical College" – Kursk Basic Medical College is one of the oldest educational institutions in our region.

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The Kursk Basic Medical College is one of the oldest educational institutions in our region. Its glorious history began at the end of the 19th century, in the years when healthcare in the Kursk province was in an extremely disastrous state. In 1886, there were only 68 doctors and 203 paramedics in the Kursk province. Under these conditions, the figure of the paramedic acquired special significance.


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All-Russian action “Share your knowledge. New Horizons

Thanks from the Hygiene Center

Tyumen. Qualifying competitions of the Championship Young Professionals -2022.

Abilympics Regional Championship 2022!

Job Fair 2022

Schedule of work for the period 04/30/2022. to 11.05.2022

30.04.2022 8.00-15.00 01.05.2022 day off

Meeting of the Deputy Governor of the Kursk region A.V. Belostotsky with students

Andrey Viktorovich also informed future medical workers about the prospects for Kursk healthcare

Governor of the Kursk region

On March 28, 2022, a solemn event dedicated to the presentation of the awards of the Governor of the Kursk Region was held at the Youth Palace.

Long live

April is a great time to start a new and completely healthy life! College volunteers – Dudkina Victoria Andreevna, Grigorova Yana Aleksandrovna, Grigorova Maria Sergeevna, Krivolapova Tatyana Andreevna – under the guidance of teacher A.L. Efremova prepared a conversation Fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle and the fight against smoking. The students of the Kursk Assembly College have become not only a benevolent audience for future doctors, but also, I would like to believe, like-minded people!

Open lesson
Period of infancy

The successful work of a modern specialist is impossible without comprehending the universal mechanisms of human interaction that are necessary to perform professional tasks in the field of communicative professions. In practical classes, students learn to overcome the difficulties of verbal and non-verbal communication, psychological barriers in communicating with various people, improve the qualities of their personality that hinder the effective performance of professional functions.


Human kindness and compassion, cruelty and heartlessness – everything that makes or, alas, does not make us human – this was discussed at the project of the Kursk Literary Museum. Director of the Kursk branch of RAIFFEISENBANK Kovpak D.B., editors of Kursk publications, heads of educational organizations, representatives of the Kursk clergy, public organizations, students of universities and colleges of the city – all of them were united on this day by the call Do good!


Paramedic Day, which was held on March 14 by graduate students under the guidance of teachers Andreeva O. V., Dorodnykh I. A. and Pakhomova L. V., began with watching a humorous video about the first examination of a patient (Z. Gerdt) by a young doctor (T. Dogileva). Looking at the mistakes made by the doctor, neither the students nor the teachers could help laughing. But, unfortunately, in real life, patients pay for the mistakes of doctors with their health, and sometimes with their lives. Therefore, 7 reports on the problem of medical errors and ways to solve it, which were presented by students in the conference hall of the 6th city hospital equipped with modern video equipment, were listened to and discussed with great interest.

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Kursk Basic Medical College regularly participates in regional and all-Russian projects,
takes an active position in popularizing our common cause, directs the interest of the student community.

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