Types of rates. Handball

Bookmakers do not offer unusual outcomes for handball in the line. Bettors will find traditional outcomes, totals and odds.

Betting on the outcome of a match.

In handball, you can bet on the victory of one of the teams (P1, P2) or on a draw. High odds are given for a draw, as it is rare even in fights of equal opponents. In the confrontation of equal opponents for a draw, you can find a coefficient of about 7.0.

Plus or minus handicap.

If two unequal teams meet, the bookmaker will put a plus handicap on the outsider and a minus handicap on the favorite. The handicap in handball is the goal difference with which one team wins or the other does not lose.


In handball, you can bet on the number of goals scored. The match lasts 60 minutes “clean” (excluding stoppages), and during this time from 45-50 to 70-75 goals can be scored. It happens that the total even goes beyond these limits, but this rarely happens.

Individual total.

This is the number of goals that a particular team will score in a match. Bettors disagree on which total is more difficult to guess – general or individual.

First half betting.

You can bet not on the whole match, but on half of it. Suitable for impatient bettors or those who analyze the first halves. The same markets are offered as for the whole game: outcomes, odds, total.

For exact goal difference.

A complex type of betting on handball. The office offers to guess with what exact difference in favor of one of the teams the match will end, and offers several ranges: for example, the victory of team 1 with a difference of one to five or six to ten points.

Long term rates.

Such bets are not often found at bookmakers, but sometimes bookmakers offer to bet on the results of major handball tournaments: the World Cup or the Champions League.

Catching up on the favorite

In handball, underdog wins are rare. This sport is more predictable – the favorite may well go the whole season without defeat. At the turn of the first two decades of the 21st century, the Chekhov Bears reigned supreme, who managed to play 8 seasons in a row without defeat (from 2005/06 to 2012/13 inclusive).

For this reason, chasing the favorite is a popular handball betting strategy. It implies a constant increase in the amount of the bet when losing in such a proportion that the new bet covers the previous losses.

For the strategy to work, you need a solid starting bank. Experts recommend dividing the bankroll so that the money is enough for 10-15 circles.

Catching up on an outsider

A rarely used strategy in handball, as outsiders rarely win. The strategy also has pluses – no need to bet large amounts, since the odds for underdogs are very high.

When using catch-up on an outsider, do not try to bet on teams with odds higher than 10.0 – there will be almost no chance of winning there. Playing odds fluctuate around 5-6.

However, you need to prepare for a protracted series of failures (up to 8-10 defeats in a row). It is recommended to wait until the selected outsider loses 5-6 games in a row, and then start catching up with him.

Strategy “Corridors”

A corridor in bets is a hit in the handicap or total range, when under certain circumstances both bets can come in. For example, for the same match, one bookmaker gives the hosts a handicap (-3.5) for 2.0, while another bookmaker sets a handicap (+4.5) for the same odds.

By betting on both sides, you can get into the “corridor” if the hosts win by 4 balls, and the profit will be maximum. If only one bet wins, you will remain at your own (assuming the same bet amounts on both outcomes).

Flat on the line

Experienced bettors do not follow the live teams, but start from their knowledge and analysis and make bets in the prematch. Flat financial strategy helps with this.

The essence of the strategy is that the bettor chooses a fixed bet size (for example, 3% of his bank) and strictly follows the rule of not betting more.

In this case, the minimum odds for the bet should be 1.95. With a win rate of 53%, the player remains in the black.

This strategy is suitable not only for handball, but also for other sports. It will not instantly bring golden mountains, but it is profitable at a distance.