Ping pong and table tennis. Are there any differences

Few people know, but table tennis is the younger brother of tennis. Initially, table tennis used standard mesh rackets and fairly heavy balls.

Then rackets began to be made of wood, and the classic tennis ball was replaced with a light plastic ball. Of course, the rules of the game have also adapted a bit, but the essence remains the same.

Two opponents take turns throwing a ball over the net and hitting it with a racket.

And what about ping-pong? It is widely believed that this is just one of the names of table tennis. But it’s not. In fact, ping pong has a different goal. The task of the players is to keep the ball on the table as long as possible.

For game masters, this can take several hours!

Looking for differences

The difference between table tennis and ping pong is the inventory. You can play ping-pong not with all rackets, but only with the “correct” models. They use sandpaper. But table tennis rackets are suitable only with a rubber coating, red and black.

In addition, the learning process for ping pong and table tennis is also different. Table tennis is an Olympic sport, so training should be more rigorous and tough.

The technique of the game is somewhat different. Table tennis is characterized by rapid movements, attacking powerful blows, unexpected counterattacks.

This game is energetic, it requires initiative, observation, eye and steady concentration. Ping-pong lessons are slower. This is because the task of the players is not to win, but to make as many hits on the ball as possible in one serve.

What do these two games have in common?

  • Location. You can play both indoors and outdoors.
  • Tables. Their dimensions and markings are identical.
  • The presence of a ball and net.

Ping pong is a more democratic sport. There is no need for complicated equipment. Moreover, the inventory is strictly regulated: everyone plays with the same rackets and you can’t think of anything. And after each game, tennis players change not only sides, but also rackets.

In table tennis, the main thing now is spins, but in ping-pong there are practically none, so there are no complicated serves that confuse the opponent and the audience. In ping pong, the power of impact and direction come first. It is clearer to both the audience and the players themselves.

Table tennis is perhaps the most difficult technical sport

It includes a lot of different strokes, each of which requires proven skills and directly depends on both external factors (for example, sports equipment) and internal ones (technical training).

For a good game, you need to choose the right racket, as it greatly affects the result of the game. The right racket can improve your game by 20%-30% and give you confidence in your abilities.

The selection of a racket is not very complicated, but there are a lot of subtleties and special knowledge in this.

What effect does tennis have on the human body?

1. Table tennis is related to a sport that revitalizes the cardiovascular system. The load that falls on the player during the competition is really huge. Japanese scientists have confirmed that playing table tennis uses more energy than playing basketball. One of the main criteria in table tennis is the physical endurance of the athlete.

2. There is no doubt that the style of play chosen by an athlete naturally depends on his physical and mental capabilities. The basic technique of table tennis for all styles of play is the same, and only when the athlete has risen to the established level, then individual characteristics are possible.

3. Visual and motor memory is especially important for a tennis player. With their help, an athlete masters technical elements faster and develops tactical combinations. Visual memory can be developed constantly, but motor memory must be developed with the most complex movements. All famous masters have their own drawings, repeating their tennis player, forms a personal technique, basing his own playing style.