How and when to shave for a man
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How and when to shave for a man | FIRM Barbershop

All men do this sooner or later. Today we are talking about safe methods, the obligatory arsenal of a grown-up guy and a good result.

How and when to shave for a man

All men do this sooner or later. Today we are talking about safe methods, the obligatory arsenal of a grown-up guy and a good result.
How and when to pick up a razor? Which one to choose and when to use it? How to make men's skin as seductive as possible?

When to start shaving for the first time?

The question of the age of the first shave does not have a clear answer. Much depends on the genetic characteristics of the guy, his reflection in the mirror. The first fluff grows up and does not cause delight? No need to wait for lonely long hairs to fall on the neck. It's time to learn how to use a razor.
Advice. You should not arm yourself with a machine tool at the age of 13. At this age, the skin is too delicate. Shaving injures them, can lead to severe irritation, damage. The skin becomes ready for this process closer to 17-18 years.
At first, you don't have to shave every day. The vegetation on the young man's face does not appear as rapidly as that of his father, brother or older comrades. Once a week, or even twice, is enough. Nature took into account the peculiarities of young skin, gave it the opportunity to calmly recover from unusual, often traumatic, procedures.
To make the process enjoyable, you need to know how to properly shave a teenager, what to include in an individual shaving kit. Let's start with the choice of tools.

Tool selection

How and when to shave for a man

The razor is an individual tool. You should not use dad's blades, mom's leg machine is also not an option. There are many different devices on the market that help maintain the shape of a man's face. Your task is to determine which razor is best for you.

Straight razor

Causes respect in the eyes of friends. But he demands it for himself. Tool conquers
their sharpness, but they need to be able to use. We talked about safe shaving with a straight razor here:

Using an electric shaver (trimmer)

An electric razor is, on the contrary, the most gentle shaving tool. Knife blades do not irritate the skin, do not cut off pimples accidentally encountered along the way and give a good result. The trimmer has two cutting elements – a thin mesh and blades located under it. The mesh holes are smooth on the outside, very sharp on the inside. They function as a second blade for the ultimate close shave.
An electric razor, unlike other tools, cuts hair with movements similar to scissors. The hairs fall between two blades and leave the face. Machine tools and a straight razor cut them with a movement directed to one side.
There are different models of trimmers on the market.Some are used only for shaving, more versatile ones are equipped with nozzles for caring for a beard, sideburns, mustache.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

The skin moves in waves under the pressure of the instrument, in contact with the mesh. Cut hairs are pushed out, and their root is hidden under the skin. The result is uncompromising smoothness. Other advantages of a shaving machine for men include:

  • long-term result;
  • the possibility of injuring the skin is excluded;
  • dry shaving – a minimum of bottles on the shelf and time spent;
  • ease of travel – independence from water and a set of products (although modern electric shavers can also provide a wet shave);
  • long blade life – 1.5-3 years.

The little pleasant “bonuses” of an electric razor include:

  • the price is higher than that of a tool without a motor;
  • some models need to be cleaned after each use, which blocks the high speed of shaving;
  • dependence on batteries and electricity;
  • noise at work – leaving the house freshly shaven and unnoticed is unlikely to succeed, and you can wake up relatives.

Features of foil and rotary electric shaver

How to shave for a man

Both types of electric shavers provide high-quality results. Manufacturers have endowed many models with a good battery, power, wet shaving and other additional features.
In foil shaving system the zone of contact with the skin is a mesh that is smooth on the outside, which excludes the slightest injury. The blades below it move linearly (from one side to the other). Mesh perforation allows you to pick up long and short hairs, providing a good result.
Benefits of a foil shaver: compactness, delicate shave.
Disadvantages: unable to accept the contour of the face, the mesh may wrinkle and the device will fail.
rotary electric shaver equipped with several round knives that rotate inside the head. The skin contact zone consists of several circular meshes. Each of them can be squeezed apart from the rest, repeating the contour of the face. However, a rotary tool can cause irritation.
Benefits of a rotary shaver: clean shaving of bristles of any length, there are silent models.
Disadvantages: models are not very compact, do not like sensitive skin.
Summary. The foil electric shaver is suitable for young, sensitive skin, for trimming the beard. It can be selected as the first tool. But rotary models are not suitable for brutal male vegetation, but they provide perfect smoothness on stress-resistant skin.

Tips Tricks

  • Clean the instrument promptly. If rummaging around in the cut growth, cleaning the electrical appliance, does not give you pleasure, opt for self-cleaning razors. This razor will last longer.
  • Choose versatility.Even if your style today is a smooth face, buy a razor with a trimmer. You may want to change your image and grow a beautiful beard. In our barbershop we will provide her with a solid look. But with a trimmer, you can trim it yourself if you don’t have time to visit the salon.
  • Wet shave. The function will appeal to owners of delicate skin and guys who like to shave in the shower.

When switching from one shaving method to another, do not be alarmed if you see irritation on your face. The skin has to adapt to the new tool, and therefore can be a little naughty.

How to use a razor

It would seem that an elementary procedure, which is regularly carried out by almost all men. But it causes a lot of controversy. How to shave correctly so that there is no irritation? By height or against hair growth? What machine to take?

How to shave with a T-shaped machine [Instruction]

With today's popular floating head machines and multiple blades, everything is simple. We applied a shaving agent (for example, MUEHLE aloe vera cream), walked over the overgrown areas of the face with smooth movements, rinsed with water, soothed the skin and – you're done.
The classic T-shaped machine requires a proven technique, otherwise skin injuries will be difficult to avoid.

Step 1. Preparing the skin.
Well-moisturized in warm water, the skin becomes more supple, the risk of injury is reduced. The best preparation is a warm jet of water in your face when you shower. The skin is steamed, the pores expand, elasticity appears. Wash with soap first. You will degrease the skin and let it moisturize as much as possible. You don't have to wipe your face after a shower.
A little advice. If you don't have enough time to shower, use a waffle towel soaked in hot water. Wring it out and apply it on your face for a couple of minutes. This will be enough to prepare the skin.

Step 2. Foam preparation.
Soak a shaving brush (such as EDWIN JAGGER badger hair) in warm water for a few minutes. It is convenient to do this before going to the shower. During this time, the bristles will be sufficiently soaked.

  • To make soap foam (you can take IMPERIAL BARBER PRODUCTS natural soap) shake the shaving brush well, pick up the soap and lather in a circular motion. As you cook, add water little by little to get the right consistency.
  • For cream foam (we recommend MONSIEUR BARBIER cream) Shaving brush is enough to shake it slightly so that water drips from it a little. Squeeze a strip of cream 3-4 cm into a bowl and beat for about 1 minute.

The foam is ready. Apply it to damp skin and start shaving.

Step 3. Work with a T-shaped razor
Hold the machine by the end of the handle so that the pressure of the blade on the skin is moderate. Is the machine slipping? Do not touch the foam and make sure that it does not get on the handle of the machine.
Finding the angle of contact
The angle of contact of the razor with the skin should be about 300.When you first get acquainted with the T-shaped machine, the contact angle is determined experimentally:

  • touch the handguard of the instrument to the face so that the handle looks at the floor;
  • gently move the handle up until you feel the blade touch the skin;
  • make test short strokes with the machine.

In this situation, the blade touched the face at an obtuse angle. So it scrapes the hairs, and does not shave them off. Additional passes with the machine will be required, which will cause skin irritation. The experiment continues:

  • touch the surface of the skin with the lid of the tool – the handle is parallel to the floor;
  • slowly lower it down until the blade touches the skin;
  • try to make very short strokes with light movements.

Feel the aggressive angle of less than 300 that gave you this alignment. Remember – this position is traumatic for the skin, it irritates it and provokes the appearance of ingrown hairs.
Your task is to find and feel the middle position (between the first and second parts of the experiment). You can stand in front of the mirror and visually determine the position of the machine at which the contact angle is 300.
Shaving direction
Beginners of this facial hair removal method only need to move in the direction of hair growth. After a few weeks, when the skin gets used to the new tool, you can try changing the direction to perpendicular to the growth of the bristles.
Don't go against the growth of your hair or you'll get irritation and ingrown hairs as a bonus.
Number of passes
The optimal one is two. Foam must be applied to the skin before each pass to avoid injury to the skin. Cream, oil – you can once.
In no case do not put pressure on the machine while shaving, especially if it is metal. The tool's own weight is sufficient for smooth movement. After shaving, only the final skin care procedures remain.

Pros and cons of the approach


A razor with replaceable blades has many fans, because it does not keep up, but in some ways surpasses cassette competitors:

  • efficiency – the machine lasts for a long time, and replaceable blades are cheaper than popular shaving cartridges;
  • independence from the state of the battery and outlet;
  • shaving cleanliness;
  • safety – subject to technology;
  • durability – the machine is immortal if you take care of it;
  • solidity – the usual budget T-shki today have acquired a noble format – high-quality metal, good design.

The disadvantages include only the need to follow the technique in order to avoid cuts, and the high cost of the machine. But the costs will pay off quickly – a set of replacement blades, which cost little, last for a longer time than cassettes.

Required accessories: bowl and brush

Our online store has high-quality brushes, stylish comfortable shaving bowls, good machines, replacement blades for it.Firm honors the traditions of classic men's shaving, offering branded tools.

How often do you need to shave? The opinion of professional barber

The main goal of shaving is the appearance. Someone puts a three-day bristle into the concept of style, someone-impeccably smooth skin. Therefore, the frequency of bristles removal each man determines himself. It should correspond to the condition of the skin, hair growth rate.
An important role in this falls on biological indicators:

  • age – over the years, bristles appear faster;
  • nationality – the brutality of eastern men is often emphasized by a rapidly growing thick beard;
  • Testosterone – higher numbers – “shaggy” increases faster.

With sensitive skin, it is better to shave no more than once every two days. For the “weekend” face will have time to recover. If the skin is not capricious, then you can shave daily.

Shaving in the morning: all the pros and cons

shaving machine

Morning shaving is suitable only for owners of stability resistant. The face slightly touched by appearing hairs looks more aesthetic than many irritated areas on a freshly bombed facade.
Your option if:

  • I need perfect smoothness;
  • You have enough time;
  • The skin is strong;
  • The bristle grows slowly.

We do not advise if:

  • You are in a hurry – there is a risk of injury;
  • The skin is hypersensitive.

Why do men shave before bedtime

To go to bed freshly bombed and fragrant promisingly. Firstly, this can configure your companion on a romantic night. Secondly, it will save a precious morning time. Thirdly, it will give a time to a person to cope with irritation.
For some men, a slight bristle is very very coming. They shave in the evening to have a desired light shoot on the morning exit.

Is it worth shaving in front of the shower?

Men who shave before taking a shower, and those who do this after, share about 50/50.
Shaving in front of the shower is recommended for men with delicate susceptible skin. Not steamed, it is less susceptible to irritation. Men who know the price every second also shave before taking a shower – this saves time. They wash off the foam from the face when they wash, how to save themselves from the need to rinse the sink after themselves.

Advantages and disadvantages of shaving after a shower

A warm shower warms the skin, moisturizes it, makes it elastic – optimal conditions for working with the machine. But you must act without fanaticism. Hot water overdles the covers – they become more vulnerable to irritation. The temperature threshold of each has its own. It depends on the state of the face, its sensitivity.
Warm water expands the pores, softens the stubble – so hard hair is removed easier. And the blade on smooth steamed skin slides easier. Connoisseurs of uncompromising purity shave only after the shower. The covers are clean – dirt, sweat particles, bacteria do not migrate the face with the machine.
Professional barbers advise this method, if the condition of the skin allows. We recommend that you try both methods and empirically determine which method suits you best.
Note! The condition of the skin depends on age, climate, season. It is possible that the way you like shaving at one time will be less comfortable at another.

Dermatologist's recommendations for skin irritation

Even skin that is resistant to irritation can lose ground if it is scraped off with a dull blade and deprived of proper care.
The first rule of a beautiful result is a good tool, the right technique, and cosmetics.

Skin care before and after

shaving kit

We wrote about the preparation of the face above. It is better to steam it a little, but leave it damp if you do not shave dry with an electric razor. Let's talk about how to soothe the skin after shaving.
The final step after removing the bristles are balms, aftershave lotions. For men with sensitive skin, dermatologists recommend formulations with tea or sandalwood, aloe vera juice. We recommend trying the SANDALWOOD EDWIN JAGGER lotion from our catalog.
If inflammation has already appeared, but nothing was at hand, you can make a compress with a cold towel. Twenty minutes is enough to reduce visible redness.
Additionally, you can use improvised means – chilled tea, apple cider vinegar. They are added to a cold compress or applied to the face as independent remedies.

How to shave without irritation

The daily male ritual will not cause annoying feelings and irritation if you follow the banal rules:

  • monitor the cleanliness, sharpness of the razor blade;
  • prepare the face
  • shave in the direction of hair growth;
  • take care of yourself after the procedure.

Simple rules – perfect result. And if you want to shave and care for your beard by professional barbers, relax in the atmosphere of a good salon, come to the barbershop. It is comfortable, modern, masculine.