43 tax
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Tax Inspectorate 43

Actual address, travel method, details, IFTS operating time No. 43

Tax Inspectorate 43 in the city of Moscow

43 tax

Cross of travel:
Metro Water Stadium, bus 70, Stop Street Navy, house 36.

8 (495) 400-31-30
8 (495) 400-31-26-on the issues of incoming correspondence

On the prevention of corruption offenses, you can apply by the phone of the Department of Security Service of the Inspectorate
8 (495) 400-31-42 from 09.00 to 18.00 hours on working days, as well as by phone of the confidence of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in the city of Moscow-8 (495) 400-63-67.

8 (495) 400-31-40;
8 (495) 400-31-10;

8 (495) 400-31-39;
8 (495) 400-31-16;

8 (495) 400-31-35;
8 (495) 400-31-43;

8 (495) 400-31-38;
8 (495) 400-31-09;

8 (495) 400-31-46;
8 (495) 400-31-22;

8 (495) 400-31-19;
8 (495) 400-31-29;

TIN 7743777777
GPP 774301001

The code of the tax authority in the Federal Tax Service 43: 7743

Recipient: Office of the Federal Treasury in Moscow (IFTS of Russia No. 43 in Moscow)
Name of the bank: GU Bank of Russia in the Central Federal District
Account number: 40101810045250010041
BIC Bank: 044525000
The number of the correspondent account or the bank subaccount in which the Russian UFC account for Moscow is opened – no

The reception of taxpayers in the operating room is carried out without a break for lunch

Monday, Wednesday from 9.00 to 18.00;
Friday from 9.00 to 16.45;
Tuesday, Thursday from 9.00 to 20.00;
The second and fourth Saturday of the calendar month from 10.00 to 15.00.

Issuing ready -made extracts from the Unified State Register
It is carried out daily on business days from 15.00 to 18.00

When delivering an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities/USRIP, time is agreed separately.

Dear tax. To get 3-NDFL in 2020, she spent a sea of ​​strength. The declaration was sent in May 2021, something hung there, I do not know. I came to you on December 14, 2021. I submitted an application for compensation, did not receive money, I came to you once on 31.01. 22 years-you do not work, they reassured, almost called a fool- supposedly I have to sit and look only your site, that you are in Lagdauna., Called on a single phone number: connected with the employee of the tax, checking my TIN (promised to transfer my data And she promised about transferring money, supposedly a desk audit passed.,). There is no money again. It is necessary to submit 3 personal income tax in 2021. I can’t., Since during this time I was discharged from Moscow to Klin M.O. I was told in the tax office to deal with you in Klin. Here again I’m going to Moscow to you., I will write a complaint.

For several days I also can’t get through. Wherever you call, no one knows anything and does not answer for anything. How to make them answer phone calls, I don't know

Hello. Since my wife, Kuzovleva Tatyana Ivanovna, are on self -isolation in the suburbs, we cannot pick up receipts for paying taxes from a mailbox in the house. The request to send all the receipts of both mine and my wife to my email, just as you did it last year. Thank you!

Terrible tax! How to get through to the department of desk inspections No. 1? I especially want to teach Nasibullina R, x – and look at his professionalism.

Not at all to get through

It is not possible to reach the number 8- (495) 400-31-10
I’ve been calling for several days, to no avail

An employee Pracetskaya accepts citizens without a queue, a crowd, violating all epidemiologically and sanitary standards. And also discusses visitors who are unhappy with the quality of her work.In addition, out of revenge, she postpones the application, my question has not yet been resolved.

What a mess this is. Why were you given telephone numbers if you either never answer them (for some of them) or when switching from another line, you pick up and hang up, thereby forcing citizens to come to you again and again, which is not safe, given the situation with covid -nineteen.

Last year, she became a pensioner, submitted all documents for a tax deduction to the MFC, this year she received declarations, taxes are all in place 12/12. It is not clear what people do during working hours, why I have to visit the tax authority again on this issue. After all, there was even a law on the automatic solution of this problem.

It is not possible to get through by phone 8-(495)400-31-10 for several days, Spanish. Chernyshevich E.A.

I turn to the management for two weeks trying to get through by phone 8-495-400-31-43 they don’t pick up the phone or they pick it up and hang up, specially go to the tax office to say look at my corrected application there is no time and in general why give such a contact phone number that they don’t answer .

01/12/21 I filed 3 personal income tax and an application for a tax deduction refund through the taxes fl application, on 04/12/21 I received a message stating that the in-house audit had passed, the refund amount was confirmed in full and a specific amount was written, after I successfully wait for the transfer DS, 45 days have passed but DS have not been received, I started calling the hotline, but they are transferring to this ill-fated IFTS where they don’t say anything sensible. I left a complaint on the site and a few days later I saw that in the status of a cameral check it was Violations detected. I came personally to IFTS 43 at 10 window, where the girl looked at my passport without turning on the computer and said that she understood why I had come and said that there was a failure and the documents that I uploaded through the applications were lost somewhere, she gave her internal phone and said that I would bring the docks that were lost with them. 03.06 I did just that, after the 10th window this employee was released to me and she accepted the documents, I asked if there would be money during this month, she answered in a strange way, like maybe yes and quickly left, today 08.06 in the application the status of a cameral check is not changed. I was also embarrassed by one moment when the girl in the 10th window called the one who accepted my docks, said, if she does not take his documents, then I will send him to the 6th window where they will register them, so it’s better to let her go out herself.

It is not possible to reach the debt settlement numbers. 31-10; 31-40 2 hours spent.

it is impossible to reach the number +7(495)400-31-40, +7(495) 400-31-10 for several days. The hotline does not connect. Take action. I'm calling for a reason, to tell a joke, so there is a need.

I have been working with IFTS 43 since 2011. Not everything is as bad as the reviews say. There are employees ready to help taxpayers. True, there are few of them. The department of work with taxpayers, for example, pleases.The analytical department also knows its job and communicates patiently enough. I support the claims against the debt settlement department. Our OKTMOs are mixed up, they don’t make a set-off, they put up arrears on one OKTMO with a significant overpayment of the same tax on another OKTMO. We have been corresponding on this issue for 3 years, and things are still there. The indicated phone numbers 400-31-10 and 400-31-40 do not really answer. I've been calling since May 13th and never got through. The only difference is that if earlier they didn’t pick up the phone at all, now they pick up the phone, but the impression is that their microphone is turned off there and we can’t hear them. If there are not enough numbers for the department, then measures must be taken to expand the bodies. networks. If this is another trick, then management must know about it. Maybe write to Mishustin, what farm did he leave? Here I think…

it is impossible to get through on the number (495) 400-31-40, 400-31-10, we pay to one OKTMO, enroll in another, ignore the application for clarification, put up arrears, demand for payment, no ends can be found.

It is impossible to reach the number (495) 400-31-40. the impression is that it is generally disabled and not present on the network. indicated as the number of the executor of the decision. unpleasant

I have been calling for a week from the Rostov region to find out if a patent has been issued. By phone 8 (495) 400-31-35; 8 (495) 400-31-43 never received
handset. I called another department and asked to be connected, they did not pick up the phone anyway. I called the hotline, they connected it to the tax office, but they said they couldn’t connect specifically with this department. It is a pity that no one responds to reviews.

The third day I try to get through to the Department of work with taxpayers, the result is zero.

Dear employees of the Federal Tax Service, I would very much like that if you suddenly become ill, the ambulance phone will answer with the same efficiency as your phones answer.

The mess is terrible. Spent two hours today trying to get through and no result. What phones are for – for furniture.

Terrible service. No one ever picks up the phone, it's impossible to get through. Employees act like I borrowed money from them personally. A complete mess! Where are the higher authorities looking?

Trying to get information over the phone is a pointless idea: neither the phone of the secretary, nor the office, nor the department for working with taxpayers answer tightly! For other numbers (already out of sports interest), they are “politely” sent to the above numbers.
And the circle closes. We won't win the scoop!

Despite the mess that is going on in the operating room of the inspection, where the queue on the scoreboard does not correspond to reality, employees are forced to lose their voices, shouting out coupon numbers, and visitors to duplicate this information in the hall, I want to note the work of Elena Kosyanina. She listened attentively and kindly, gave exhaustive explanations on the issue of interest to me, suggested how best to draw up the necessary document. Thank you very much!

I have been applying for a tax refund since 2015.Never encountered anything negative. All the employees with whom I spoke helped me, although I was mercilessly dumb and wrong. The return deadlines were respected. Thank you all for your work.

I have a question: why can't you put a tax terminal in the building for payment? Why does a taxpayer have to run all over the city to pay taxes?

IFTS No. 43 At the Savings Bank, I paid the tax debt on transport and property. Five days later, in the morning, I went to the tax office to clarify the receipt of funds, a polite employee looked at the bill, saw them, advised me to come on the trail. day for control.
In the afternoon I called the analytical department, a polite employee confirmed the arrival without any problems (probably after 11:00 the funds came to the account), clearly explained how to pay the remaining penny pennies and reassured me regarding the ban on traveling abroad. I think that in order to avoid misunderstandings between taxpayers and employees, taxpayers need to correctly formulate the question to employees from the very beginning in order to solve the problem.
…. It is very difficult for employees to work in multitasking conditions when they do not receive the required information from taxpayers, so emotions are turned on for relaxation :))

I want to specifically thank the employee of the Federal Tax Service 43 in Moscow PROKHOROVA OKSANA.
She helped to quickly and professionally resolve the issue and resolve the problem with the verification of the 3NDFL declaration. She was responsive to my request for help.
It can be seen that the employee is sick soul for his work. If there were half of such employees in the tax office, the reviews would only be positive.
I ask the management of IFTS 43 to pay attention to my review and appreciate the professional and human qualities of Oksana Prokhorova.

I want to thank the employee of the IFTS 43 PROKHOROVA OKSANA! She helped to quickly resolve the issue and resolve the problem that arose regarding the verification of the 3NDFL declaration. Thank you for your kind attention to my request for help. It is evident that the employee is sick of the soul for the place. where he works. If at least half of the employees were like Oksana, the reviews were only positive.
I ask the management of IFTS 43 to pay attention to my review and evaluate the professional and human qualities of Oksana Prokhorova.

It is impossible to reach the number +7 (495) 400-31-43 to the department of cameral inspections 1 .
Refer to the management of the IFTS as well.
Ugly attitude, what is the phone for then.

I support. Today I could get through to three numbers.
I dialed a number in the neighboring department and … they switched me … and even answered.

Friendly inspectors helped me fill everything in, I don’t understand these figures and forms a little, and I received the money clearly on time! In my opinion, an excellent inspection, you have not been to others, just believe me! And all the previous reviews are from evil people! Satisfied people just receive money and of course do not write Thank you,All during! And here I will write! You only imagine how many of them, as if not to offend anyone, stupid and nervous people hand over the return on return daily, and then they come and shout, and the inspection employees listen to our discontent and our rudeness daily! Instead of working normally, they are forced to collect all this negative, and this is also working time! On such nervous work and with a salary of three rubles! And they are well done, hold on! Here phones are really rarely answered, but at the same time I have never encountered rudeness and unwillingness to help in this IFTS! Thank you! Keep it up!

IFTS No. 43 in Moscow. It is impossible to find out the decision by tax deduction. In the department of desk inspections No. 1, they do not pick up the phone for two days by any number. When calling the secretary’s phone, the answering machine reports that ”the subscriber’s apparatus is turned off.” Judging by the reviews, the problem is massive and, at the same time, is not solved in any way.

IFTS No. 43 in Moscow. The problem is not solved, the blocking with the r/s is not removed, although there is no debt. The employee reports that there is no debt, but there is no way to remove the lock, a vicious circle. The leadership of Hamlo, no one wants to decide anything. When asked what our organization still should provide? There is no answer, no one wants to take responsibility for their mistakes. Bottom line: the organization’s work is blocked, who will be responsible for the missed benefit? Why are the inspectors not responsible for their acts and do not want to help taxpayers?

IFTS No. 43 in Moscow. The problem is not solved, the blocking with the r/s is not removed, although there is no debt. The employee reports that there is no debt, but there is no way to remove the lock, a vicious circle. The leadership of Hamlo, no one wants to decide anything. When asked what our organization still should provide? There is no answer, no one wants to take responsibility for their mistakes.

It is impossible to reach the number +7 (495) 400-31-10 in the Department of Debt to the Contractor of the decision. Upon arrival at the IFTS, the window reports that there is no debt, payments are all visible. But again, the requirement comes, the decision from the IFTS. Vicious circle.

About the disgust of the GNI No. 43 I join everyone. But since no one reacts to our complaints, then the bosses or the authorities of this authorities are disgusting in this rot. Why then the portal with complaints?

I also can't get through the second week. On the fourth day, she phoned the department of desk inspections, where they confirmed that the audit passed three months ago, the deduction was confirmed, but they did not transfer money. There is no way to get through to the settlement department. Neither through the secretary, nor through the hot line, nor through management in Moscow. I am preparing an application to the prosecutor's office. You can file a complaint only with an electronic signature, and it can also be obtained only by going to the tax. I live in another city, I cannot come in person. A lot depends on this money.

Zinovieva Olga Nikolaevna rudely appeals, I myself am a citizen of Tajikistan for the testimony on this day when they appointed me was said not ready and in a rude voice said, come on to the president and the Federal Tax Service of Russia

Someone is going to work in this tax. +7 (495) 400-31-10, +7 (495) 400-31-40-it is realistic to get through here. Why do these numbers exist if they never take the tubes ….

Apparently the department for settling debts freezed, I kill a week to get through and to no avail, I went the 5th month of waiting for a tax deduction. The feeling that the 43 tax word is not familiar to work. A disgusting attitude to the population.

19/01/2019 submitted a 3NDFL declaration for 2018. The desk audit was successful, then they do not return the money and the answer to contact the debt settlement department. It is simply not possible to get through. Turn to the leadership of the IFTS as well. Ugless attitude, why then the phone.

This is not a state structure. This is just a complete viper.

02/05/2019 submitted documents for a deduction of 13%. Silence. He came to them. They didn’t really tell me anything. They said the inspector back to silence. Now I can't get through. This is not a state structure. This is just a boorish office. They also send a penalty to us.

Phones do not work. None of these numbers in three days of continuous calls answered. The only number by which was reacted-8 (495) 400-31-38 (department of desk inspections No. 2) and then reassured and hung up.
The tax service No. 43 is famous for its incompetent employees and the completely ineffective provision of services. The second time they lose documents and break off the terms of payment of tax deductions. It is amazing that the leadership does not respond to such a huge number of negative reviews. This once again confirms the low level of professionalism at all levels of the organization.

It is impossible to reach number +7 (495) 400-31-10, and number +7 (495) 400-31-40. What is the reason? The debt settlement department stopped working? I’ve been calling for 4 days, there is no answer. Only an answering machine works. The call center also cannot connect with them.

I fully join the written review below. Disgusting the settlement and desk check also works disgusting. Since November 26, 2018, I can’t get a refund of excessively paid tax. My pension certificate was lost twice in the desk department. In the settlement department twice unloaded my payment to the treasury. The first time was returned due to the fact that my pension certificate was lost (tax for 2014). The second time I brought this certificate and gave it to my hands the deputy of the beginning of the settlement. As a result, the unloading of my documents passed with the mistake again. They indicated that the tax return for 2011! My documents again returned their treasury. Today is April 2 and again promise that the payment will take place within 2 weeks! That would be the person who incorrectly unloaded my data to detain the ZP for several months! By the way, this is the only structure that accepts documents without a receipt that everything is accepted. And this is money!

I mean not the only one.I have also been trying to make a return since October, and have also been talking about “2 WEEKS” for a month and a half, and again nothing happens. Write a complaint to the management, I’m not sure that this will work, but at least waiting for “2 weeks” is pointless, nothing will be returned. I went through it.

Disgusting tax (43 Moscow). The debt settlement department is simply unique! Boys and girls are sitting with a complete lack of understanding of what they are there for. Since December 2018, we have not been able to resolve the issue of refunding overpaid tax. Calling is practically useless (by any number) or they don’t pick up the handsets or they pick up (very rarely), but it doesn’t work. Either the documents were lost, or they were not checked, or they were transferred to the wrong department, etc. etc. Arrived – also a nightmare! According to the TIN, they could not determine who I was (fil.person or legal). I spent an hour in order to return again to the same window where I originally came. Maybe they have Malevich's Black Square in their computers instead of information, since they look and don't understand?! They say – we will solve it, in fact – nothing happens. People come 3 times, everyone quarrels with them, everyone is on their nerves – but they don't care.

It is impossible to reach the number +7 (495) 400-31-10. I've been calling for a week now, the beeps go on and then they hang up.

In almost three years, not a single positive review. Just as the scoreboard for calling on coupons did not work, it does not work. Employees call loudly shouting the next number (somewhere the employees see the next number and shout it out). Miracles of progress. For three years, no funds were found in the budget to allocate IFTS No. 43 for the repair of an electronic scoreboard. observations show that employees work in such a way that visitors are dissatisfied because they see the attitude of management towards them. They don't teach. Employees do not understand elementary issues and are forced to “football” visitors from window to window. You can spend several hours in the tax office and leave with nothing. With what question you came, with that you will leave. New leadership requirement. If you came to hand over the completed tax refund forms for several amounts, THEN you need to take a coupon for each completed form. This is for employee time tracking. Oddly enough, but to write about the ugly work of the tax number 43 and they also say that there is a working tax number 15 in the same way, it is USELESS. No one is doing anything and no one will. There is something behind it. To understand that. Someone needs such work of these tax inspections and is beneficial. Such conclusions can immediately be drawn at least for many years of non-repair of the electronic scoreboard.

According to my application No. 02281-FL dated January 22, 2019, I am 46 years old, the tax office did not return the money by a court decision within a month, which is prescribed by law. I have been trying to get through to the debt settlement department all day …. It's useless, no one picks up the phone, or they hang up …. I'm trying to get through to the reception of the head of the tax office, Galina Alexandrovna, the same thing …. It looks like everyone is dying.How to calculate taxes and penalties, they are haracees, and how to help something to explain something, or not to find with fire in the afternoon …!

You, the official office with an inhuman person, demand to pay taxes, send some dubious debts on December 21 demanding payment within 5 days. And you asked if this is really with our penny pension in such a time? And why suddenly there is some kind of debt at the end of the year. On the phone, the girl literally judging by the voice, who did not contribute to the Fatherland as I, having worked for this state for more than 35 years, is already talking as I personally owe her and is already a criminal. And he does not stop that he is talking with an elderly disabled person. Infinite lawlessness! Injustice! Indifference or rudeness! Here are the scrapers of our state.

You demand from us timely tax payment, but you are not able to send a notice. We even went to the mail. There is nothing. Is it specially done to collect a penalty?

Of course, that year they sent, this is not, loafers, how many years they could not establish!

Disgusting tax inspectorate. Accrual tax on non -existent transport. I went to them on this issue 3 (.) Times. In addition that when deregistering the car from the register 15 years ago, they also had it. The tax comes for the last 3 years. The first time I went, spent 4 hours there, wrote all the statements, and the answer, which, according to the laws had to be sent within 30 days, never sent! A year later, this tax again. I went to the traffic police. I took a certificate that there is no such car for 15 years on me already. Brought to the tax. With great efforts, after the scandal, she came to the leader. I did not remember the last name, the name is Valentina Vasilievna. She assured me that everything would correct, the tax would not come … This year again the same tax came. Even a requirement. I don't know who to contact. To Putin with this question already. This time I decided not to go anywhere else. Waiting for the agenda in court. Just got it. I really want to punish this tax for such a chaos!

They don't want to work at all! Not only do I still have a tax paid in their database as “unpaid”. So they are also treating people to the “dump”. The employee of Skvortsova Nadezhda Alexandrovna did not behave competently (she began to bother when I said that there was no employee in the hall, she convinced the opposite), began to raise her voice. But there was not a truth in the hall. Please check the level of professional suitability of your employees. The customer call board did not work as always. They begin to scream at people.

I try to get through to the Federal Tax Service 43 for 45 minutes. Vain labor. All inspectors are busy and nothing happens to 2222222. I was put up a garage tax and I am a pensioner and from this tax was exempted. On September 18, I got through to 43 and they recognized my mistake and said that it was not necessary to pay tax and they would send me a message to my personal account. A week passed and it is empty in the office.I won't pay. But that's not how it works!

They charge a tax for non-existent vehicles, and several times protested these taxes from my personal account, attaching certificates from the traffic police and the GIMS about the absence of these vehicles. It is impossible to get through, only through the call center, but after that they say that they will transfer to a competent specialist and then music plays for an hour and no one picks up the phone. In this inspection completely incompetent and rude employees! They all need to be dispersed!

Hello. It is not clear why tax inspectorate No. 43 does not update the database of overpayments and debts. They already brought to the inspection a certificate from the traffic police that the VAZ 21099 car was deregistered on 01/17/2009. In 2016, dated 12/15/2016, a letter was received from you that information was received in the database of the inspection, that after the completion of technological work, the overpayment and debt will be recalculated. But nothing has been done so far, a year and a half has passed. When will it finally be fixed.

Here is nothing invariably in the state. institutions. They haven't answered the phone for a week now.

It's impossible to call. 5 days (March 19 to March 23) called not one phone does not answer!

Nothing has changed in the new year. Celestials DO NOT pick up the phone for ONE number. Asked … whether the payment of taxes somewhere, now bow to them during working (!!) time to go to them and fight on the table with your forehead in order to prove the payment.

Receipts are not sent, phones are silent …. Now I'll go … And I'll shoot everything ….

It's impossible to call. 23 11 2017 visited the institution. Gathered hundreds of residents of Moscow. This was not the case before. I want to pay taxes. Please send a receipt. I am ready to pay to Russian funds. Why are you not fulfilling your duties? Your supervisor reports to the President on good work and fees. I'm waiting for the document.

Today I visited our tax inspectorate to an employee who helps to take the ticket correctly, I ask how it turns out that there are 46 people in front of me and I’ve been standing for more than an hour, they answered me that the total number of people are in front of you and how the electronic queue can jump from ticket number Ch056 to Ch180 like. I understand this with the letter Ch, K, F….. Etc. on various issues. Before that, he came and took a coupon, and they don’t have a queue, they call in the old fashioned voice, but coupons are regularly issued, well, we all people can imagine what’s going on, because of the insolence in front of the whole planet, I don’t know at work with whom I didn’t communicate, such an opinion formed that SAO THIS ENCHANTED PLACE WHERE THE TRUTH CANNOT BE FOUND ANYTHING IN THE TAX NOT IN THE PENSION DEPARTMENT IN LIHABORK, there are simply no words;

It is impossible to reach the number 8-495-400-31-47.All day.

Dear employees of this organization! I understand that your salaries are small, but you still need to work! Why so openly mock your compatriots?! I submitted a declaration to receive a tax deduction in March this year, there is still no money.
On the last day of the desk verification (namely the last.), The inspector called me and said that the declaration was filled incorrectly. I arrived in early July, I rewrote the question when to wait for the money? -The woman behind the window with the view of the all-ruler said rather for another 3-4 months.
And as you understand, there is still no money! It is not realistic to call the tax at all, they always drop calls.
Dear employees, I am ashamed of your attitude towards people!

Disgusting work of the tax. They promise to call back with clarification, but they do not call back there. Just go to them, and write a lot of complaints.

It is not possible to call the tax on the allocated numbers. One way out to come to them, and write a bunch of statements, complaints, so that the leadership takes measures. Disgusting work.

The IFTS No. 43 transferred from January 2017, before that they were served in the IFTS No. 14, it so happened that the legal address changed. So, at the IFTS No. 14 you call on any questions the first time, oddly enough.
But the IFTS employees No. 43, and everything is at once apparently busy that they put all their phones on auto -call through Call Center. I tried to call all the numbers, and everywhere autocoding.
I’ll try to go and find out, maybe they have some secret phones that you can still get through.

Today, 08/09/2017, submitted a declaration in the form of 3-NDFL. Before that, I came with this issue three times and three times I was sent from the window to correct the sheets. There were Alfiy and Zulfi twice (she could not remember the names). So they rudely sent me indignantly: Do you not know how to count? These experts in the window No. 8. listened involuntarily people's requests in other windows to help correctly issue papers. Everywhere people ask for a refusal everywhere. You understand yourself that specialists accept papers, and non -specialists come to you in this matter. But we are specialists at our work. Therefore, it is so important to get in your inspection to a friendly employee. Today she finally submitted a declaration thanks to the chief state inspector of the department of work with taxpayers Golikova Tatyana Vladimirovna. This is the specialist who needs to be equal to all employees of the tax inspectorate. She is attentive, responsible, fast, accurate, and most importantly – not indifferent. Her queue moves quickly, helps everyone and tells everyone, she has time. Therefore, I would like you to evaluate the work of Golikova T.V., who is a cut above other employees, and teach others to be more polite.

It is impossible to get through by phone 8 495 400-31-40, 400-31-10. And there is no need to say that they call and the phone works. It is impossible to get through.Question – why are you giving such phones? And I want to pay taxes!

According to the reviews, it is safe to say what kind of leadership in the tax. If Galina Alexandrovna cannot put things in order, let her go and sell potatoes in the market. It is not given by nature to lead, do other things. Nothing to wipe the chair with a soft spot.

Complete disgrace. Calling is impossible. You spend precious time listening to unnecessary information, for a week you never got through. We'll have to collect the evidence base.

During the day they never picked up the phone at 84954003143

Number (495)4003110 does not answer. Called 11 times on 01/09/2017 and 17 times called on 01/10/2017.

Number (495)4003140 does not answer. Called 12 times on 01/09/2917 and 19 times called on 01/10/2017.

A single contact center could not connect 01/10/2017 at 10.27

The tax notice did not come in the mail. I personally was at the tax office at the end of November 2016, standing in line, I heard from an employee that my notification was not yet ready, when it was ready, they would send it by mail.

Second time in January 2017 Couldn't find out anything, tk. There were more than 40 people in front of me, and it made no sense to stand. Help to get a tax notice and pay your tax honestly. Currently, I do not live in Moscow, but simply to come and stand in line is quite problematic. Sincerely, Volkova Marina Yurievna.

Unfortunately, I will have to add only negative to the previous reviews. Surprised by the extreme unprofessionalism of some employees. Today, December 15, 2016, I resolved the issues of unlawful accrual of tax on an apartment, which, as it turned out, should not be paid at all, because. I have been retired since 2011. Employee Elizaveta Shvets was extremely rude at window 14, completely unwilling to delve into my problems, then literally threw me a form, saying that my questions were resolved in window 6 and I could write a free-form application for a refund. I took the coupon again, now at window 6, and there were 50 people there; the call board does not work, customers are shouted out by numbers. I stood for 40 minutes, and it turned out that the free form is complete nonsense, that there is a special form for my question. It is necessary to fill again, again the queue. Only after my appeal to the duty officer, an employee came up to window 7 and the work went a little faster.
As a result, it took 2 hours to solve not the most difficult issue.

Dear leadership!
We kindly ask you to check the level of professional suitability of your employee, fix the customer call board and ensure the operation of all windows at peak times. Thank you.

Calling is not realistic at all. 11/28/16 we call from 10.00 every 10 minutes, no answer. Not by a single or simple number.

I'm sorry, but I can't get through. I've been calling for the first time. I didn't receive any tax paperwork for the apartment payment. My husband received receipts, but I did not. I'm trying to decide what to do. I'm waiting for help.

The error of the last name in the tax notice due to one letter went through all the circles of hell. It was all the fault of the taxpayer.The identification number on the tax notice is mine, and the last name is incorrect. Tax 5007 generally advised to check the passport and all documents. The issue has not yet been resolved.

Huge queues in the department for working with individuals, the electronic queue is not true, workers are shouting out numbers from the window.

Dear Elena Vladimirovna!
My son and I sold the 2014 Nissan Almera car that belonged to me as unnecessary, as I began to feel unwell and it became difficult for me to travel by car. My son doesn't need a car. We sold the car on March 03, 2015 and sent it to your tax office No. 43 in Moscow and the contract for the purchase and sale of a car No. DgPrAvt – 04/016047 dated May 06, 2014 – on the purchase of a car from the AvtoSpetsCentre company in the city Khimki, and the purchase and sale agreement No. DgVhT – 03/002416 dated March 03, 2015 – on the sale of the car to the same AvtoSpetsTsentr. The car was purchased for 530,000 rubles, and sold for 415,000 rubles. That is, absolutely all the documentation was honestly sent by us to the Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service No. 43 for the city of Moscow on April 21, 2016 in response to your request. I don't know where your employees put our documents, but that's not my problem anymore. At 83, I used to live honestly. But quite unexpectedly, I received a letter from your organization with a tax notice No. 149806436 dated October 10, 2016, in which you offer me to pay transport tax in the amount of 1063 rubles. Tax on a car I sold a long time ago? I'm sorry, but I don't have to pay for anything. Please pay attention to the work of your employees. I will definitely duplicate my letter on paper.
Zakharova Tamara Nikolaevna – Honored Worker of Culture of the RSFSR, Chairman of the Norilsk City Committee for the Protection of Peace, Deputy Anatoly Karpov – Chairman of the All-Union Committee for the Protection of Peace.

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