Pirelli Cinturato P1 Verde for Lada Granta Sport
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Tires for Lada Granta Sport in Kazan

Pirelli Cinturato P1 Verde for Lada Granta Sport

It is important for a car owner to buy really high-quality and suitable tires for Lada Granta Sport. This is a special car that requires difficult tires for itself. Note that in Kazan their cost can be both budgetary and sky-high. And none of them says anything about the quality and safety of movement. Selection is best based on other parameters.

What is the standard size

On the side of each tire, the manufacturer writes a set of specific numbers and letters. They mean tire size parameters. They are different for every car model.

The basic dimensions for the Lada Granta Sport are those indicated above. But to improve the transport performance and appearance of the car, it is allowed to install more massive options. Only such re-equipment is better to discuss with specialists in advance.

Other important parameters

Lada Granta Sport is a unique car. It is important for him to be able to move not only on the highway, but also in rough terrain. Therefore, tires for Lada Granta Sport must be selected taking into account future conditions for their use.

For the city, tires with a beautiful and non-aggressive pattern, which remove moisture well or cope with snow porridge, are well suited. For high-speed driving on country roads, it is better to choose models of a sports profile. They hold the road well and respond quickly to steering. And for frequent country trips, tires with an aggressive tread pattern will be an excellent option.

It is also worth remembering that tire manufacturers themselves indicate for what conditions their products are created. This makes it easier to choose and gives you an idea of ​​what to expect from tires in the future.