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How to get to Moskvarium at VDNH.

How to get to Moskvarium by car or public transport. The location of parking lots and transport stops.

How to get

For guests who decided to get to Moskvarium by personal transport, there is a large own parking of their own, located to the right of the main entrance to the building. Entering the territory of VDNH will be most conveniently through the Khovansky checkpoint. You can also use other entrances and parking in the territory of VDNH. An interactive parking card can be viewed here.

Entrance to the territory of VDNH is paid. On weekends and holidays, as well as on weekdays from 18:30 to 22:00, the traffic of personal transport throughout the park is prohibited. Please familiarize yourself with the order of entry and the placement of parking lots in the territory of VDNH.

Public transport

To the main entrance of VDNH

Free transport

From the VDNH metro

Free minibuses are departed from the southern exit of the VDNH metro (the last car from the center, climb the stairs and escalator, get out of the glass doors to the left, at the end of the crossing to climb the stairs to the right; stopping with the schedule right at the exit of the metro). Schedule of minibuses from 9:51 to 20:54.



Near the building of the Moskvarium there is a planting and landing area of ​​passengers Yandex. Taxi. If you plan to come to visit us by taxi, then you do not have to leave the car beyond the borders of VDNH and continue to move on foot. To order a taxi, mark in the application as a departure point or destination point any place near Moskvarium, and the application will automatically move the mark to the taxi zone.

Attention! The planting and landing zone near the Moskvarium building is valid only on weekdays, since on weekends and holidays, road transport is prohibited around the territory. These days you can use the nearest point of the taxi zone at the Khovansky entrance.


On foot

A walk to Moskvarium from the main entrance of VDNH will take about 20 minutes.

Follow the central entrance to the park. Move directly, towards the famous layout of the Vostok missile, we are to the left of it.