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A lamb with one eye and two tails was born in Bashkiria

In Bashkortostan, in the Tatyshlinsky district, a lamb was born with two tails and one eye.
01.02.2017 TemaUfa.Ru

Photo of a Cyclops calf from Bashkiria hit the Network

A strange photo of a one-eyed calf appeared on social networks, which excited users.
01.02.2017 Tdnu.Ru

A calf with one eye in the middle of the forehead was born in Bashkortostan

An unusual calf was born in the Tatyshlinsky district of Bashkortostan. Photos of a newborn animal with one eye in the middle of the forehead have appeared on the Internet.
01.02.2017 BST

Russian Post delivers congratulations from the President of the Russian Federation to veterans of Bashkiria since May 9 - Blagoveshchensky district

By tradition, on the eve of the Great Victory Day, the Russian Post delivers personal congratulations signed by the President of the Russian Federation to war veterans, home front workers and siege survivors.
Blagoveshchensky district