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MT-Sport, children's sports center in Krasnoyarsk

MT-Sport, children's sports center in Krasnoyarsk Center for Sports Development for children from 3 years old You can sign up for a trial lesson by phone – 214-41-58 Krasnoyarsk 1. arable,

MT-Sport, children's sports center in Krasnoyarsk

Logo company MT-Sport, Children's Sports Center

Sports Development Center for children from 3 years old
You can sign up for a trial lesson by phone – 214-41-58
G. Krasnoyarsk
1. Microdistrict. Pashenny, School No. 45 (Sudostroitelnaya st., 105),
2. School 93 (Pobezhimova st., 46 a)

3. SDYUSSHOR Healthy World (Parkhomenko, 7)
4. SC Ferrum (Mate Zalki str., 8)
5. FC Genesis (Martynova, 18)
6. House of Sports (Northern, 8)
8. st. Krupskaya, 32
9. FTs Le Grand (street Picturesque, 2 settlement Udachny)
10. Aviators, 38

G. Sosnovoborsk
1. SC Nadezhda (Mira street, 9)
2. SC Dynamics (Spring St., 3 B)

Gymnasium 10 (Bochkin St., 22)

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From our life:

Today, we are starting a series of small interviews with our trainers. We decided to talk with them about why they decided to choose their sport, what attracts them to it, what motivates them and what advice they could give to young, novice gymnasts and their parents. And our section will be opened by the master of sports of Russia in rhythmic gymnastics, the champion of the Krasnoyarsk Territory in group exercises, the champion of the Siberian Federal District in group exercises, Zenger Alisa Romanovna.

1. Tell me, how did it happen that you started doing rhythmic gymnastics?

A.R. I didn't want to do gymnastics until I was 15. It was very difficult for me, because they gave me away late. At 7 years old. And I lagged behind the other girls.
When I was 10 years old, every time I said that my stomach hurts, so that they would not take me to training. And then one day, my parents took me to the hospital to do FGS, I was so scared that I never said again that something hurts me
After 15 years, I wanted to do it myself. Because I changed coaches. For a child, the coach is the most important person in the gym. And how the training process will go depends on the coach.
My second coach was strict, everyone was afraid of her, but at the same time they respected and listened to every word.
When I got older, I realized that I was much better than other girls, thanks to sports. Harder, physically stronger, and mentally too. I liked it. I have always been held up as an example. When you say – I'm a master of sports In rhythmic gymnastics, everyone is approvingly surprised. This is not surprising, because everyone knows that CG is a very difficult sport, beautiful, but insanely difficult.
I still like that I was able to walk this path. And no matter how difficult the situation is, what I have learned in 12 years in sports helps me.

2. Why do you think girls need to do rhythmic gymnastics?

A.R. I don't think this question is even worth asking. Rhythmic gymnastics is the best sport for a girl.
If the child has physical data and even if they don’t, EVERYTHING needs to be done.Because gymnastics is not only physical strength. It's incredible mental preparation. From childhood, a child learns to be patient, attentive, organized, independent.
And of course, when the girl grows up and becomes a girl, she will have a beautiful figure. And this is also important. When you are taught from childhood that there should be a straight back, a long neck, a chin raised and a stomach tightened, you will follow this all your life. You can always see when a gymnast walks down the street. And so it will be in everything, the girl will be better than others.

3. What exactly excites you about gymnastics?

A.R. I love gymnastics very much. But if I had been told 15 years ago that I would say that, I would not have believed it.
Now I can say with full confidence that this is a great sport. I admire how, from a young age, girls learn to listen, to cope with difficulties.
And of course it is a very beautiful sport. When the ribbon is spinning, you can't take your eyes off it. Any person will tell you this. How beautiful it is when a gymnast dances beautifully to the music, performs gymnastic elements at the same time, and also twists the hoop on her leg. It looks light and airy, but try again! No way, an unprepared person will not do this.
And I like that we can do what others can't.

4. Motivation. What motivated you?

A.R. Everyone has their own motivation. Some people just like spending time in the gym with their girlfriends. Some people like to learn something new. And someone likes to win competitions and become a champion.
Personally, I was motivated as a child by the praise of my parents. I liked that they were proud of me.
And of course, I liked getting medals. Even if she lost, she was upset of course, but then she tried again to get a medal at other competitions.
Therefore, everyone has their own motivation, and parents need to help the child and not scold if something does not work out. You need to be inspired and motivated to succeed.

5. And finally, what advice would you give to young gymnasts and their parents?

A.R. I would like to give more advice to parents, not to gymnasts. I give gymnasts a lot of advice in training
Now, a lot depends on the parents. I always say that 100% of a gymnast's success consists of three things – 45% is the coach, 35% is the gymnast's parents and 20% is the child.
Parents need to be patient. Because it is difficult for a child, it hurts and, of course, most children do not want to study. But it just needs to be experienced. You can’t feel sorry for a child and take him out of sports at the first tear.
You won’t stop taking your child to school if he whines that it’s hard for him and doesn’t like it. It's the same here. You have to explain what is needed and that's it. Even in this situation, the child will learn to cope with difficulties, overcome pain and understand that there is such a word – NECESSARY.
Parents also need to understand, no matter how difficult it is, that there is only a child and a coach in the gym.Even if it seems to you that the coach is doing something wrong, believe me, you just think.
We are not just some people from the street. We ourselves went this path and survived it. We know how to conduct training, how to stretch, how to explain. And how to behave in the hall. If you want the child to succeed, you need to love the coach. No other way. The child always sees how you feel about the coach. I really love my children and their parents. I think that's why we succeed.