Forecast and bets on Kunlun - Dynamo Moscow
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Kunlun – Dynamo Moscow. Forecast and hockey rate, Match broadcast 09/30/2021

Kunlun – Dynamo Moscow. 09/30/2021. Forecast and rate for 1.82 + Fribet 2000 and online broadcast. How many abandoned goals kunlun and Dynamo are organized in Mytishchi?

Kunlun – Dynamo Moscow. Forecast and rate (building 1.82) for the KHL hockey match on September 30, 2021

Forecast and bets on Kunlun - Dynamo Moscow

In the match of the regular hockey league, the Kunlun will accept Dynamo Moscow. The game will be held at the Mytishchi arena on September 30. The meeting starts at 19:30 Moscow time. Kunlun – Dynamo Moscow: forecast, bet, coefficients, statistics.


The Chinese team in 11 meetings was able to pick up 6 points. In the standings of the Eastern Conference, it is located in ninth position.

The first victory in the season Kunlun Sensionally celebrated in the match with Ak Bars (4: 3), after which the Beijes lost to two rivals in productive games. These were Dynamo Riga (5: 6) and Jokerit (5: 6).

A couple more points wards Aivana Zanatta Urvali in the confrontation with Sochi (3: 2 b), and then a series of five defeats was waiting for the team.

He lost the “kunlun” “to the motorist” (1: 5), “Salavat” (1: 5), “Tractor” (1: 4), “Siberia” (0: 1) and “Amur” (0: 2). In their last match, the guys of Nedatt were imprinted the Admiral (3: 1).

Dynamo Moscow

The metropolitan club took part in ten games and earned 18 points over this period. In the Western Conference, he returned to the first place.

At the start of the season Dynamo Moscow Three times performed at VTB Arena. White-blue houses prevailed over Dynamo Minsk (4: 1), Siberia (4: 0) and Vanguard (5: 2).

A series of victories metropolitan guys continued on the road. Visiting wards Alexei Kudashov The Amur (6: 2), “Admiral” (5: 3) and “Siberia” (4: 1) were slammed (4: 1).

Further, Muscovites defeated Dynamo Riga (4: 1) and Sochi (4: 0), but the 25th Kudashov team lost for the first time in the season. She lost to Torpedo (2: 4). After the defeat in Nizhny Novgorod, the Dynamo spread Spartak (6: 3).

Forecast and rate

The victory Kunlun is evaluated in 6.40, on a draw, bookmakers give the coefficient 5.10, and to win Dynamo Moscow – 1.42.

Matches with the participation of the metropolitan team continue to break through the total “more”, while Kunlun plays more modestly, besides, the Beijes are almost always inferior.

In the upcoming duel, as in the three previous full -time meetings, the Dynamo are not only ready to take another victory, but also fill the Kunluna grid with Mount Shayb. Our forecast and bid – Total more than 5.5 for 1.82.