Kozlovskaya Natalia
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Kozlovskaya Natalia

Russian State Children's Library of the RGDB rgdb.ru the world's largest library for children, the scientific, methodological and research center in the field of pedagogy, psychology and sociology of children's reading.

Kozlovskaya Natalia

Kozlovskaya Natalia

Professional activities – recommendatory bibliography. I love good children's books. When I find an interesting book, I want to share the discovery with friends, with readers of the RGDB.

2. Your hobbies?

I believe that a good children's book read aloud unites different generations. Such books and a sense of family warmth remain in the child’s memory for life.

3. What do you prefer to read?

My “Books of Childhood”-“Tales” by Hans Fallas with illustrations by Natalia Antokolskaya (Detgiz, 1959), Vera Ferra-Mikur “Travel to the City of Eccentric” with illustrations by Ilya Kabakov (“Children's Literature”, 1968) and the book of Jan Grabovsky in magnificent translation Boris Zakhoder “Fly with whims” (“Children's Literature”, 1959). After the “fly with whims” she dreamed of starting a donkey, but further cats and dogs did not advance.

Natalia Kozlovskaya: “I think.

Natalia Kozlovskaya

Natalya Kozlovskaya leads to the RGDB sector of the recommendatory bibliography, which is part of the Bibliography Center for Children's Literature, she is also the chief editor of the Bibliogid site-.