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I do not want to be “decisive”: Perfiliev about the “Middle Ages” in sports, Tomenko and the move to Moscow – News of Barnaul and Altai Territory – April 15 – 43965118309 – MIRITESE MEDIC PLACE

The Governor of the Altai Territory Viktor Tomenko officially accepted the resignation of the Minister of Sports of the region Alexei Perfiliev. The official leaves his position for family reasons, but remains to live and work in the Altai Territory. As the head of the regional department, Alexei Perfiliev worked around – April 15 – 43965118309 – MIRIRTESENCH MEDIC

“I do not want to be“ decisive ”: Perfiliev about the“ Middle Ages ”in sports, Tomenko and moving to Moscow

“I do not want to be“ decisive ”: Perfiliev about the“ Middle Ages ”in sports, Tomenko and moving to Moscow

Governor of the Altai Territory Victor Tomenko officially accepted the resignation of the Minister of Sports of the region Alexei Perfiliev. The official leaves his position for family reasons, but remains to live and work in the Altai Territory. As the head of the regional department, Alexei Perfiliev worked for about three and a half years. We decided to recall a big interview, which the minister gave to the journalist in the summer of 2021 Vyacheslav Kondakov. In it, Alexei Perfiliev openly explained why he did not hold on to his position, but “dumped” all the main work in the department on his buckets-fuels. The head of the Ministry of Sports of the region also told whether he called the assistant to Vladimir Putin to receive the chairman’s chair and frankly admitted that Governor Viktor Tomenko regularly reports him. We also talked about football, basketball, hockey and other sports of the region that live in the Middle Ages.

We talked with Alexei Perfiliev in the center of table tennis of the Altai Territory in the Sibenergomash recreation in August 2021.

“I have only one goal: to return to Altai. But already in a different status. I promise

– Alexey Anatolyevich, the media have been resigned for several months for several months. They say that you will be torn to Moscow for a good position, but they still do not agree on your candidacy.

– God works in mysterious ways. I once worked in Moscow-five years. It seems to me that I have done a lot with my team for Altai sports. Achieved the goals that he set for himself. I understand that the Ministry of Sports is already working independently and it is easy to replace me. But everything should not be concentrated on one person. My task is to prepare the successor. Yes, such proposals received me. But if I go to Moscow, then only to return later. I was born in the Altai Territory, a lot connects me with him: my friends and relatives live here. I love Mountain Altai. But I have ambitions to get new skills at the federal level to complete the professional and life career in Altai.

– And what position are you called to Moscow?

– Work proposals come constantly, but they do not suit me.

– And if more specifically?

-by someone?!

– This is a joke.I would not want to call a specific position. When you achieved high results in life, you want to set a higher goal.

-Why did you refuse? The point is the salary that was offered?

– Not. 20 years in business allowed me to be sure of tomorrow. I am a rather ascetic person. No need much. I just don't have enough drive. And in the work that is offered in Moscow, I do not see it. Although there are examples when people are quite successfully moving to the capital.

– Recently, your former government colleague Maxim Kostenko has already left.

“I do not want to be“ decisive ”: Perfiliev about the“ Middle Ages ”in sports, Tomenko and moving to Moscow

“It seems to me that you are tired of working as a sports minister.” Three years ago, your eyes burned, you carried out reforms, and now it feels that you are bored and tired of everything. This is true?

– This is not fatigue. Always after the fulfillment of some goal there is a certain devastation. It is necessary not to freeze, “reboot” and set new goals. But already more ambitious. I have already achieved my goals in the Ministry of Sports. In business, for example, it is customary to do a new business every five years. If I leave tomorrow and I will, which is quite possible, will not worry, because the department has formed a good team of managers. I am very proud that if I resign, then there will be a legacy in the form of new sports facilities. I'm not tired, there is still a supply for a jerk. And, of course, I am ready to criticize.

– Do you consider yourself a successful minister?

– I can't evaluate myself. This should be done by residents of the region and my leader. I went into the state of the Middle Ages in sports and any work that we do here today should have been done for a long time. I do not live in pink glasses, but my hands cannot be lower. Although dementia and courage are not my motto.

– It's no secret that you have good relations with the head of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation Oleg Matytsin. Would you like to work in this department already at the federal level?

-The ministry is already headed by my colleague Oleg Matytsin, and I am not interested in going to some department. I have no task somewhere to get attached. I have only one goal: to return to Altai. But already in a different status. I promise.

“It sounds as if you want to become a governor.”

– I want to leave a mark in the history of the Altai Territory. To walk around Barnaul and understood: a lot appeared thanks to me. I want to inherit sports facilities. So that later on the house where I lived in the city, a nominal plate with my last name appeared.

“I do not want to be“ decisive ”: Perfiliev about the“ Middle Ages ”in sports, Tomenko and moving to Moscow

I am so, I build objects and knock out money to the industry

“You often call yourself“ an atypical official ”. What are you investing in this concept?

– And I do not know how typical behave. But I definitely do not sit in VIPKI. I do not hold on to the head of the leader and do not play the role of the official. I am in this locker room, where we are talking with you now, I have and I will, and I will, and the ministerial position is temporarily. The main thing is that people fit and say: You have done a lot for the edge.

“But you are part of this bureaucratic machine called Power.”With you, there are many experienced politicians in the government of the Altai Territory and you have to integrate into the system. Is it difficult to do this?

I try to go my own way. I am a simple infantryman against the background of celestials who solve global issues. That’s how I am, building objects and knocking out money for the industry. I do not consider myself a political luminary. There were thoughts of going into politics, but changed his mind. Because you want to do something if you promised something, and not to be a baldokrut.

– During the three years of work in the government of the region, you were offered to join some kind of United Russia?

– AND?

– I'm non-partisan. If you are involved in politics, then there will not be enough time for sports. I don’t like it when the heads of federations go to bow to me, so that later I still give instructions to my employees. I got out of business and I know that with a good system, anyone can be replaced. I think that the minister should be the most useless in our country, and the curator of each of the 25 branches of sports in the region should be the most important.

“I only heard about such a system from you. I can’t imagine that, for example, the head of the Ministry of Health of the Territory, Dmitry Popov, would say that he is a “useless official”, “just building objects” and does nothing against the background of his deputies.

– In medicine, the main role is played by specialists: the chief obstetrician-gynecologist, the chief pediatrician, the chief cardiologist. In health care, as in sports, there are also about 25 major disciplines. The main specialists should be lobbyists and, of course, the main work is for them.

“I do not want to be“ decisive ”: Perfiliev about the“ Middle Ages ”in sports, Tomenko and moving to Moscow

– So, let's say you leave for Moscow tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Would you like to see your deputy Maxim Ryabtsev in his place in the ministerial chair?

– The governor decides.

Are you satisfied with your personnel decisions? You praise your curators so much.

– There are also mistakes. At the dawn of activity, there was an unprepared decision to replace the coach at Dynamo-Altai. I took a risk and it didn't work. Life will judge. What seems right to me now may be mistaken later.

– You're great at publicity. Unlike your government colleagues, you often give interviews and are active on social networks. Is this part of Alexey Perfiliev's image of promoting his personal brand?

– This is the merit of my assistants (Kirill Politov and Margarita Belova – ed.). My media exposure is not to be written on social networks that I am bringing a snowstorm. Social networks are a mirror, an open channel to receive feedback from people. I am against criticism, but for balanced criticism. And I'm not promoting, but popularizing the industry.

– I meant that you have an interesting Instagram (owned by Meta, which is now recognized as an extremist organization in the Russian Federation). You, of course, do not yet post your poems, like Elena Bezrukova, and do not film trips to the bathhouse, like some of our State Duma deputies. But at the same time, you talk a lot about your personal life.

I am learning to be open. It seems to me that I am understandable to people. I don't hide anything.There was a story with the declaration, when many did not understand how I owned so much real estate. But I'm all in the palm of my hand, I don't hide and I don't hide. He earned everything when he was in business.

“I do not want to be“ decisive ”: Perfiliev about the“ Middle Ages ”in sports, Tomenko and moving to Moscow

Thunder from Tomenko was not one, not two, but 22

– Several members of the government of the region told me in personal conversations that Viktor Tomenko does not like you a little. Allegedly because he did not actually appoint you. They say that when the vacancy of the Minister of Sports appeared, you called Igor Levitin, whom you know from your work in the Table Tennis Federation, and asked to promote your candidacy. Levitin called Tomenko, but the governor could not refuse the presidential aide. That is why Viktor Petrovich requires you to be stricter than from the rest of the members of the government, whom he himself appointed. This is true?

The decision was made by the governor. He probably listened to different opinions from other people on my candidacy, but it was Viktor Tomenko who made the final decision. To be honest, the situation was exactly the opposite: when the vacancy appeared, I did not want to become the Minister of Sports. It was the same a few years ago when Alexander Karlin called me to work at the Ministry of Health of the Altai Territory. Then I refused, but this time I agreed. I didn't ask anyone for myself. Of course, I have connections at the federal level, but Governor Viktor Tomenko made this decision on his own. If I was torn to the ministers, I would hold on to the chair. And I'm for change.

“But there is some tension between you and the governor. In 2019, he gave you a public flogging for a bad report. In the hall, where there were all members of the government and several dozen journalists, Viktor Tomenko literally got to the bottom of your every word. I have never seen such a public flogging during his term as governor.

– I am grateful to him for such attention to himself and the ministry. In sports, usually coaches always pay more attention to the strongest and most promising. Viktor Petrovich went through a great school of politics. For me, he is like a mentor and guide. Of course, he arranged a thrashing then. But against its background, unfortunately, no one noticed the adoption of the roadmap, which allowed us to increase funding for our basic sports. Let Viktor Petrovich continue to bang me. Only those who do nothing are not touched.

I understand that this is not a one-time occurrence. Allegedly, in January of this year, during the visit of the Minister of Sports Oleg Matytsin to the Barnaul rowing canal, the cortege with the governor was late. And you and the guest from Moscow were already there. As a result, you started the tour of the facility for Viktor Tomenko. I was told that the governor then gave you a strong scolding.

– Matytsin and I really arrived a little earlier, did not wait for the governor, who was already approaching, and together with Yuri Shamkov began to show the minister the channel. And this still had to do Viktor Petrovich.This inconsistency gave me a good lesson. Therefore, during the second visit of Oleg Matytsin to Altai, we drove in the same car with the governor. I am sometimes not able to catch these political things. And the head of the region should have everything clearly. Believe me, there were not one, not two, but 22 of such “thrashing” from Tomenko.

“I do not want to be“ decisive ”: Perfiliev about the“ Middle Ages ”in sports, Tomenko and moving to Moscow

The turn is not built by the club

– We are talking now, and in parallel, Barnaul Dynamo plays in the 1/64 finals of the Russian Cup with Tyumen. Historical match: Our team can reach the next round, where the club from RPL will wait. Why is the Minister of Sports of the region not at this important match? Is he not interested in football?

– I, of course, are interested in football, and I planned to go to the stadium, but I agreed in advance with you on an interview. I always fulfill the obligations. I still do not affect the result of the match, which is certainly important for all Altai football and sports. I'll see later. I generally try not to watch important competitions live. Even behind the Olympics, he watched the record.

– The game began at 17:00. On a weekday. What do people usually do at this time?

– Do you mean that everyone works?

– Yes. Why isn't everything in our city for fans? Who is the team playing now? It would be possible to play later, but for several years already at the Dynamo stadium they could not make good lighting. Do you think that such a status match at 17:00 is disrespect for the fans?

– I agree. It would be okay on October to make a match so early. But now is summer. I myself sometimes play Dynamo and even at 20:00 in the stadium is still light. Apparently, there is no dialogue between the fans and the leadership of the team. But intermediaries in the form of me or the Ministry of Sports, I am sure, are not needed to establish it. The games of the Barnaul basketball club and the university volleyball team, which fell at one time,, for example, easily tolerated. Therefore, it all depends on the desire of the leadership of Dynamo.

– And who is to blame for this? Are you hinting that people who are not able to organize this work are guided by a football team?

– There is no plug. Dynamo exists completely with budget money. Low bow to the Dynamo sports department for leading the club. This burden is difficult, believe me. They already pull this story as they can. The line is not built to “steer” the club. We have all the teams of masters in the region live at the expense of the budget. Yes, even if it is not very chic, but we have not closed a single team yet.

– At the last meeting with reporters, the club president Alexei Minin complained that the club’s budget had not changed about 15 years. During this time, everything went up: from the cost of players to tariffs for flights.

– Glory, life taught me how to start from facts. And the facts are as follows: every year the team’s budget is increasing. Yes, not much, but it is growing. We are looking for the opportunity to pay the club separately the costs of travel at the expense of the budget of sports events.And we help all our Altai teams, not just Dynamo. Sometimes you even have to cut the budgets of children's and youth teams for this. Yes, I understand that this is a controversial decision. Thanks to Governor Viktor Tomenko for agreeing to increase spending on basic sports, and we have 24 of them, to federal standards by allocating additional money from the regional budget. Thanks to this, we annually index the Dynamo budget.

– For what amount?

— About 3-5%. We are realists and cannot immediately raise by 20%. Of course, it would be possible to make football a basic sport by increasing the club's budget by 100 million rubles, but then other teams would suffer. And as a minister, I don't want to close anything or anyone.

– But at the Dynamo stadium, the problem is not only with lighting. In 2020, they completed the laying of running tracks around the football field. The coating turned out to be so flimsy that athletes were forbidden to run in spikes. And yes, you can't get there at all. I myself tried to run there twice, but they didn’t let me in. Why and for whom then did these tracks?

– And I can tell stories about how my friends, on the contrary, were allowed into the stadium. I know sad examples when Barnaul residents littered the stadium and, apparently, the Dynamo management did not want the object to turn into a dump. Dialogue heals everything. When I came to the ministry three years ago, it seemed to me that all the troubles of Altai sports were due to a lack of money. But it's not. It seems to me that one of the reasons is that no one knows how to negotiate. You are the second person from whom I learn that he was not allowed to Dynamo. The first speaker was AKZS Alexander Romanenko. I am sure that everything will eventually come to the point that everyone can get to the stadium. There are no unsolvable tasks.

“I do not want to be“ decisive ”: Perfiliev about the“ Middle Ages ”in sports, Tomenko and moving to Moscow

“Like in a communal apartment: we are trying to fit everyone under one roof”

— How do you evaluate the performance of Altai athletes at the Olympics?

– It's cool that Kamensky won two medals at once. Sergey does not suffer from star fever, he is an example for children. Of course, there could have been more awards, but the result is more than worthy. There are 85 subjects in Russia, and our athletes won 71 medals. It turns out that not all regions got it. And we have two.

– This is all, of course, good, but the same Kamensky called the conditions for training in Biysk medieval. For three years he was promised to build a sports complex, but in the end they did not find the money and allocated a room in the basement. However, according to him, the equipment is worn out. Explain why one of our top athletes trains in such terrible conditions?

I won't bury my head in the sand. Yes, we have the Middle Ages in Altai sports. This is true. But not quite the same pipe. Before I came to the post of minister, it was even worse. Three years ago, when I took office, I traveled all over the region. Was and Sergei Kamensky in Biysk. We decided that he needed to move to another room.10 million were allocated from the regional budget for the repair of a rifle club. Of these, two million went only to purchase equipment. And then they helped not only Sergey. It’s good that they guessed with the help, and at the Olympics Kamensky showed a wonderful result. Today he met with Viktor Tomenko. The governor closed the issue of the purchase of new rifles and bullets. 8 million were allocated for these purposes.

– It turns out that the athlete was able to achieve improvement of conditions only after three medals at the Olympiads? (Kamensky won the first silver at the games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016)

– Not certainly in that way. We would have bought equipment. My colleagues offered to do this in parts, but I decided: it is better to immediately spend 8 million. Yes, in sports it was bad for years, but now the situation is changing. If in 2018 sport expenses within the framework of CIAP (regional targeted investment program, approx. Ed.) Were 200 million, then this was 1.2 billion.

– And what about Sergey Shubenkov? Many believe that this is pain and sadness: the athlete does not appear at the second Olympics in a row.

“He is our athlete, we must be next to him during successes and failures.” I hope that Sergey will be fine and he will achieve everything. Including at the Olympics.

– In 2024, during the Olympics in Paris, he will be 33 years old. It is difficult to show a high result.

– I myself went through a sports path, let my career be less outstanding than that of Sergey. Therefore, I know how important it is to believe in an athlete, and not to hang shortcuts in advance.

“I do not want to be“ decisive ”: Perfiliev about the“ Middle Ages ”in sports, Tomenko and moving to Moscow

– Did you read an interview with Sergey Kletsov to Altai Sports?

-In it, the Schubenkova, the preparation for the Olympics was disrupted due to the lack of athletics arena in Barnaul. The Polytechnician put paths on which you can’t run in Shipovki, and at the Labyrinth stadium, you see, is it difficult to jump the barriers in winter at minus 30. Somehow you plan to solve this problem? Or were the crane finally came to athletics in Altai? Perhaps Shubenkov will not wait for good conditions, but we have a very talented generation: Polina Miller and Savely Savlukov.

– In this story, in negotiations with the authorities, I always represent the interests of athletes. Today, for example, he talked about the problem of the arena with the chief federal inspector in the Altai Territory Yuri Zemsky. Historically, at the Manege of Politha, athletes “lived”, but the university decided to develop mass sports. They did not give this object for development, agree? Life in the arena is seething. I was there recently, a very pleasant impression. But now we just won’t build a new arena. There are 85 subjects in the country. The Ministry of Sports of Russia cannot even take fingers by clicking in each region at the athletics stadium, the boxing center or pool. We must decide: what sport to develop in a particular region. It is not right to build only from the Wishlist of the regions.Sports facilities have been built in Kazan, but there is nothing nearby for hundreds of kilometers. To begin with, the Athletics Federation must decide that Barnaul needs an athletics arena and only then look for money for it. I spoke about this several times with the Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation Oleg Matytsin, and he shares my position. We have an initial base in the Altai Territory. We build athletics tracks in municipalities, but the indoor arena costs more than a billion. And the entire budget of KAIP for sports is 1.3 billion. We will put 49 objects in order with this money, not just one.

– And how will you solve the problem?

– I don't know yet. Maybe we will find a way to lay a special coating for professional athletes on top of the tracks in the Politekhovsky arena. But then it will affect part of the football field. It turns out like in a communal apartment or a small family: we are trying to fit everyone under one roof. We would very much like to have our own volleyball center, basketball center, and judo center in Barnaul. But even two new recreation centers that we are currently building in the city will not solve this problem, and the site will have to be shared by everyone.

– But Kazan, which you mentioned, did not build its arenas with its own money, although there is gas and oil there. The federal authorities, it seems to me, should understand that Barnaul needs an athletics arena. Our guys are getting results. In January Minister Oleg Matytsin came and discussed this issue with Governor Tomenko. Is it really impossible to solve the problem even at this level?

– Once again: the indoor arena costs at least a billion. And that's at 2014 prices. Now we are building an ice palace in Biysk for 360 million – this is the most expensive object that we have ever built. Well, we will not build it ourselves for our own money – it is impossible to do it. And here the Russian Federation of Athletics should get involved and push this issue through in Moscow.

– How did it happen that your daughter is engaged in rhythmic gymnastics in Omsk, not in Barnaul?

– My son and I left for Krasnodar at the age of 9. And the daughter is in Omsk, because a federal center for rhythmic gymnastics was built there, the best from all over Siberia come there. The daughter simultaneously stands for Omsk and Altai Territory. If everything works out in a year, then she will go to Moscow.

– The Olympics, by the way, showed that Russia is still a sports power in spite of everything. Even the fact that we do not have normal arenas, stadiums, swimming pools, as in the USA or China. When swimmer Yevgeny Rylov won his gold medal, I remembered our Ob pool. Well, what kind of champions can be brought up there if the plaster falls off, and repairs have not been done for decades? And this is an object in the very center of Barnaul. I'm not talking about the salaries of coaches, who are at the level of the minimum wage (13 thousand rubles – ed.).

– Again you are talking about the Middle Ages. Well, you can't do everything at once. Where we have entered – hockey and basketball – there are already changes. Let's get to the Ob. The object without the support of the Ministry of Sports will only wither away.Perhaps we will attract business. Hands have not yet reached. I understand that the Ob can operate in this form for another five to ten years, and then it will have to be closed for repairs. Don't forget that 49% of the pool's shares are owned by the Kreisovprof. They are not very interested in the fate of the Ob. I think that the state first needs to buy out a sports facility, and then look for an investor for it.

“I do not want to be“ decisive ”: Perfiliev about the“ Middle Ages ”in sports, Tomenko and moving to Moscow

– Business, you said, is interested in helping. In hockey, for example, there is Mikhail Drozdov, who allocates money for the Dynamo-Altai team, because he himself is fond of this sport. Perhaps the whole point is that no one needs field hockey, swimming or volleyball for nothing? You can't force a businessman to spend his money on sports.

— I regularly meet with business representatives. Some are ready to give money, but I would like the business to be included in the management of the teams, as in the story with Dynamo-Altai. We have a team budget of 37 million, while Real Madrid has 37 billion. Businessmen can help, but it's a heavy burden. Several times I talked with Yuri Gatilov and offered to enter the management of Kommunalshchik. He is ready to help, but no more.

– Why does he need your field hockey, if Gatilov builds skyscrapers perfectly and develops Barnaul. I am wrong?

— He must understand that this is part of his business strategy. This is how modern entrepreneurs work. Do you think Mikhail Drozdov is interested in playing hockey? He is just a very responsible person and knows that with the help of sports you can promote your business. Now in the Altai Territory a certain pool of people has formed who do not just throw their personal money into sports. Not a ruble is valuable, but professional experience. Our teams cannot live without trustees and without their knowledge. Although the clubs have no problems with money.

“For some reason, our people have a desire to immediately go to the tsar-father”

– Many athletes who play for the Altai Territory receive an average salary of around 17 thousand. Therefore, they act in parallel for two regions. The same Sergey Shubenkov is also a Krasnodar athlete. And all the awards that he wins bring points to the piggy bank of the Krasnodar Territory. When you took office, you said that you would solve the problem of low wages. Why didn't it work?

– And it's good that in other regions our athletes are paid high salaries. I am calm about the fact that athletes play for several subjects and bring points to their piggy bank. Yana Kirpichenko, for example, has a triple standings.

– Well, how can she live on 17 thousand a month?

– That's why, speaking for three regions, you can get a good salary.

– Let me put the question differently: is it not normal when an athlete applying for a trip to the Beijing Olympics actually works three jobs in order to live with dignity?

– Well, she doesn’t have 17 thousand. There are grants, prize money. In general, a tolerable salary is being collected, although we have something to strive for.Yana is also helped by Alexander Fedorovich Rakshin, a great ski lover. In return, he requires her not to drink, not to smoke, and to show a good result. In general, the state should spend money on mass and children's sports, and professional athletes should live mainly on sponsors' money. You can not go into the pockets of children. Our teams and athletes need to be more economically independent.

– And how to be independent? I understand that Sergei Shubenkov, as a world star in athletics, is paid by manufacturers of clothing, energy drinks. But what kind of Nike will help a girl playing for Kommunalshchik or a basketball player from Barnaul?

– There are examples when gamers have a good income from sponsors. Once again: there is not a single region of Russia where all sports palaces have been built, and teams play only in elite leagues.

“I do not want to be“ decisive ”: Perfiliev about the“ Middle Ages ”in sports, Tomenko and moving to Moscow

But isn't the state itself to blame for this? For decades, we had a system where professional athletes lived off the budget. And the state demanded results from them, including at the Olympics. If there are no conditions for training, this is the problem of the authorities, not the athletes. Such a system.

– This whole emphasis on grandmas has led to the fact that some athletes take care of themselves before commercial starts. I’d rather say that I have an injury, keep my name, but then I’ll make good money in commercial tournaments. You can't get into the soul of an athlete. Someone does not go to the Olympics, so as not to get injured. So it was with the players in the NBA and NHL. Therefore, the task of the state is to create conditions for mass and children's sports, and the best masters must attract extra-budgetary funds.

– Good, but the coaches who work in children's sports also receive 20 thousand rubles each. And this despite the fact that they have two rates. Is this how “worthy” the state takes care of them?

This is our pain. But we cannot live in isolation from what is happening in the economy of the Altai Territory. And according to this indicator, we are not the best in the country. The average salary in the industry in the region is 28 thousand rubles. Therefore, coaches work on two rates. Of course, I can now remind you that we have achieved benefits for rural sports coaches. In particular, compensation for housing and communal services. But this is not enough. Some sports schools are trying to provide commercial services to make more money. In the end, everything leads to the fact that children suffer.

– There were stories when young hockey players trained at 22-23 o'clock, because at the most convenient time, the ice in one of the Barnaul arenas was occupied by men playing hockey for money.

There were a lot of crooked stories. Somewhere it could be justified by survival. But now the situation is different and the sport feels confident.

– I was told that people from the regions of the region cannot get an appointment with you. Specialists responsible for sports come from some Keys or Tabuns, but you basically do not meet with them.All communication is exclusively through your deputy Maxim Ryabtsev. Are you not interested in communicating with people from the districts?

— Initially, I was open to everyone. But it was just a flurry, and I asked Maxim Ryabtsev to address all the problems. I repeat: I am superfluous and useless in this situation. My task is to solve strategic issues. Each sport in the ministry has its own curator. But for some reason, our people have a desire to immediately go to the tsar-father. What for? The curators have all the powers. If necessary, they will ask me for advice. If you are distracted, you can not solve more serious problems. I don't want to be the decisive. People need to evolve. If you are really pressed, you can write to me on WhatsApp.

“I do not want to be“ decisive ”: Perfiliev about the“ Middle Ages ”in sports, Tomenko and moving to Moscow

“My task is to go to Viktor Tomenko and get money for sports”

– Having become a minister, you transferred many powers for the development of sports to the level of federations. Do you still think this decision is correct?

– I myself headed the Table Tennis Federation and did not understand how, sitting in a ministerial chair, it was possible to decide which of the athletes to send to competitions. Therefore, I immediately gave these questions to the level of federations. We should not be engaged in their work, but try to support them. If there are problems, you have to dive into them. In the Altai Territory we have examples of federations by which the rest should be equal. But there are not many.

— Is the chess federation a top one?

– Its head Artyom Polomoshnov told me in a recent interview that you had not spoken to him for two years. With all the problems, he can only turn to your deputy Maxim Ryabtsev. Do you avoid Polomoshnov? Why?

This is a rule that is the same for everyone. In fact, Artyom Polomoshnov is a great fellow. But why should we meet with him? To do this, there is a curator Maxim Ryabtsev, who knows about the affairs of the Chess Federation better than I do.

– It turns out that in fact this is Maxim Ryabtsev, the Minister of Sports of the Altai Territory, since he does all the work for you?

– Maxim Ryabtsev has come a long way in sports, so he is more knowledgeable in some issues than I am. I carry out political functions. My task is to go to Viktor Tomenko and get money for sports.

But the responsibility is still on you. How will you know what's going on in the industry if you don't talk directly to the federation people? Artyom Polomoshnov told me that when the chess club was evicted to the street, it was difficult to get through to the ministry. Only when he connected the deputy governor Ivan Kibardin and Stella Shtan, who was then still working as Tomenko's representative in the AKZS, to the problem, did the federations allocate 4 million to repair the new club for chess players. And even then the money was given almost a year later. But not everyone can, like Polomoshnov, go directly to the deputy governor. And what about the rest?

— I am responsible for the work of each employee, each curator. So their failures are my failures.But the situation with the relocation of the chess club is much more complicated than you described. Colleagues from the Chess Federation went their own way and it did not bring results. We connected and in the end everything ended well. The club found a great place in the very center of Barnaul. I repeat: the rules of communication are the same for everyone. We do not want to turn someone into favorites, and someone into outcasts.

– Do I understand correctly that you are implying that Artyom Polomoshnov did not need to immediately go to Ivan Kibardin and that by doing so he violated some unspoken rules?

– It can be understood, the situation with the eviction developed rapidly. The premises were recognized as emergency and it was necessary to look for a new one. It is clear that the situation is non-standard and the Chess Federation has made a huge contribution to settle it as quickly as possible. Sports are a big family. If one of its members has a misfortune, then you need to stretch out your hand.

“I do not want to be“ decisive ”: Perfiliev about the“ Middle Ages ”in sports, Tomenko and moving to Moscow

– You said that you don't want the Ministry of Sports to have favorites. But some people think they still exist. For example, there is an opinion that with the money spent on the World Cup in rowing (about 700 million – ed.), it was possible to build sports schools in all regions of the region. The same story with the Boxing Federation, which, together with the Ministry, held the Russian Championship among juniors in Barnaul. Boxing and rowing are now our main sports in the Altai Territory?

– In fact, the money for the World Cup in rowing was taken from three sources: the regional budget, the Olympians Support Fund and sponsors. Thanks to the fund, for example, boats worth 150 million were purchased. The amount spent on the Cup is very impressive. But a huge number of businessmen fit into this story. And we stepped in and helped. If the Boxing Federation of the Altai Territory has the opportunity to bring the Russian Championship to Barnaul, then why should we stand aside? They attracted about 10 million rubles for these competitions. We have added 10 more. Also in the history of rowing or the Silk Way Rally.

– But you did not print these 10 million on the printer, but shifted from one pocket to another. This money may then not be enough for children's sports schools.

– There is such a project Sport is the norm of life. The federal authorities are ready to give the Altai Territory 1.3 billion rubles for the construction of sports and recreation centers. There is only one condition: 1% co-financing by the region. Need to fit in this story?

– Undoubtedly.

— So it was with the Silk Way Rally. We've added quite a bit. When a business is ready to invest millions, I am ready to support. And there is a situation when the same chess players come and say: “Give us 20 million and we will do something cool on them.” In such cases, I advise you to go learn from the leaders of the rowing and boxing federations. Let them move and learn how to do it. For all the other heads of federations, the Rowing World Cup is a great irritant.

– For his sake, Yuri Shamkov (Head of the Rowing Federation of the Altai Territory – ed.) attracted all the major businessmen of the region.

– And he did the right thing. That is why we supported him. I saw in 1990, when I worked in medicine, how Yakov Shoikhet held a conference on pulmonology. Then, in order for this event to take place, everyone in the region was spinning.

– But not everyone has such experience and connections as Yuri Shamkov, with all due respect to him. There is an example of the Kommunalshchik hockey club. Its director, Vladimir Kobzev, says that the money allocated to the team for the year ended in May. Now the club does not even have the funds to send the girls to the Olympics and the team may cease to exist altogether.

Imagine that you have two sons. You give each of them a ruble a day for pocket expenses. One of the sons comes running to you in the evening and demands more. And the second competently disposed of this ruble. You need to manage your money wisely. We have increased the budget for each team of masters this year. For some, even twice. It is nonsense that someone could not go to the Olympics. Maybe you just spent all the money at the training camp and now you demand more?

– Well, in your opinion, the leader is to blame, who spent the funds in the wrong direction, but what should the girls from Kommunalshchik do? They want to perform and go to competitions, but there is no money.

– As a doctor, I can say that every situation has a diagnosis. First differentiated, and then final. Before the start of last season, I asked Vladimir Kobzev how much the budget needs to be raised in order to win medals. He answered – 3%. Made. But no one won a medal. I understand that the situation in Kommunalshchik is a pipe. Therefore, he negotiated with Yuri Gatilov so that he would enter into the management of the club. Slava, can you tell me how many field hockey schools are beyond the Urals?

I don’t know, probably not enough, about like the fingers on one hand.

– Yes. We keep the school, but there is no result yet. And representatives of other federations come to us and also ask. Which is better: to open a biathlon school in Barnaul for 25 million or to give them to Kommunalshchik? We are following the path of decentralization and do not want a monopoly in sports. It was possible to spend all the money that we have on one team and develop it. But I don't want it.

“I do not want to be“ decisive ”: Perfiliev about the“ Middle Ages ”in sports, Tomenko and moving to Moscow

– In part, such a precedent may arise. The new basketball team Barnaul this season will participate in the Superleague-1. This requires a lot of money. Pull?

When you go on a trip, you always pack your suitcase first. We understood that moving to the next league would cost us plus 30 million. We had this money. But this does not mean that BC Barnaul will fully exist on regional funds. We are trying to grow business.

“I have no other residents of the Altai Territory for you”

– But Dynamo-Altai for some reason did not give money to participate in the VHL-A, although they themselves said that before the elections some businessmen were ready to allocate up to 50 million.

– Showed the result – go further.A bad example for the kids if the team went up to another division, not even taking second place in their championship.

– The management of Dynamo-Altai also has people from business. The same Mikhail Drozdov. He may not agree with you and is ready to spend money, but on the condition that the team plays in the VHL-A. Do not be afraid that he will come to you, hit the table with his fist and say: “Alexey Anatolyevich, stop being so principled. Let's apply already to the division above, and not boil in this swamp.

– Decisions in the club are made not by Mikhail Drozdov, but by the Ministry of Sports of the Altai Territory. We have the controlling stake. If they want to play in the VHL-A, then let them fully finance the club and live in their own paradigm. It should not be so that the team gets somewhere for beautiful eyes.

– Your niece Yulia Nagorneva and her children died in a terrible accident on Leninsky Prospekt in October 2018. Then Alexander Rudenko, who was driving drunk, was found guilty. How comfortable are you after such a tragedy to communicate with businessman Mikhail Drozdov? After all, he also had a history associated with a fatal accident and alcohol.

– At one time, Alexander Bogdanovich Karlin said: I have no other inhabitants of the Altai Territory for you. Mikhail Drozdov and I are different people, we have a complicated relationship. And I don't get personal. But in this story he is a hockey lobbyist and is engaged in its development. So it doesn't matter what kind of relationship we have. I am a straight forward person. For this I apologize to my colleagues. Everything should be fair. If the court has decided that the person is not guilty, I trust the decision of the court. Everything else is the tragedy of the people who died.

– Many in the hockey industry have ambiguously perceived the appointment of your assistant Kirill Politov to the post of vice president of Dynamo-Altai. It has not been for a long time that our press secretaries, in fact, immediately went to the heads of large organizations. Although I think that Cyril is cool. How will you retort to those who do not agree with this?

– He went on promotion for a reason, but to make the team more popular with the fans. In the West, the hockey team may be in last place, but the public loves them and the arena is always packed. The task is to create such an atmosphere in Dynamo-Altai. I want to say that Kirill is not easy in his new position. He, as they say, entered adulthood.

“I do not want to be“ decisive ”: Perfiliev about the“ Middle Ages ”in sports, Tomenko and moving to Moscow

— We have a great generation of young biathletes. However, a ski slope was never built in Belokurikha, although Alexander Karlin, when he was governor, really dreamed of doing it. There is no base in Barnaul either. Why is there still no biathlon complex in a region where there has been snow for seven months?

– The results of the federation deserve respect. We have recently allocated additional money for the purchase of inventory – about 8 million rubles. We have invested heavily in the reconstruction of the school of the Olympic reserve.Now we are preparing a project for the reconstruction of the Belochka biathlon complex. We also decided to finally open a regional biathlon school, which will cost the regional budget only 25 million rubles. That's not a lot. The school will have branches in areas where biathlon is developed. This is exactly my area of ​​responsibility: to think about how to implement this project. Meanwhile, my fellow curators will deal with the affairs of 120 federations.

– According to my information, the management of the Avalman complex terminated the contract with the school of the ski complex. Allegedly, this is your initiative. And this winter, the children will have nowhere to study. As far as I know, the complex and the school are owned by the same person – Evgeny Kizilov. I understand that this fact does not suit you, but how will you get out of the problem?

– You hit the top ten, few people know about this story. Indeed, it turned out that the head rented the complex to himself. It is unacceptable. In fact, the person took out budget money for himself, without informing us. I instructed the curator to look into this story. Let's figure it out. I can promise that the children will be engaged. We still have no alternative to Avalman.

I'm not ready to be the second

– You often give examples from healthcare in our conversation. You are a candidate of medical sciences. Do you regret not continuing to work in this area? Could be now the Minister of Health of the region.

“I come from a family of doctors. Mom worked as a gynecologist, dad worked as a surgeon. The crazy 90s forced me to go into business. I regret that I did not become a doctor like my parents, although I had experience in healthcare in 2011-2013. We even managed to carry out several reforms. But if the Middle Ages reign in sports now, then I won’t give an assessment of our healthcare at all then.

– Why did they leave?

– Before that, I worked in the team of Plenipotentiary Viktor Tolokonsky. Governor Alexander Karlin noticed me and invited me to the Altai Territory to carry out health care reform with a good prospect of heading the health department. I completed my work, and Alexander Bogdanovich appointed Irina Dolgova as the head of the department. I did not go to work as her deputy. Although I have great respect for Irina Viktorovna, as well as for the choice of Alexander Bogdanovich. But I'm not ready to be the second.

– I understand that this is your motto in life. You are like Michael Jordan, who trained longer than his teammates to be better and win titles. Is it important for you to be in the yellow jersey?

– Sergey Kamensky also stays after training to be better. No, I'm a team player. But in the team I have to become a leader. Having not fully realized in sports, I would like to realize myself in life. I had business and administrative startups. There is an understanding of where to grow. I don't care about money: there is something to eat, there is something to wear.

“I do not want to be“ decisive ”: Perfiliev about the“ Middle Ages ”in sports, Tomenko and moving to Moscow

– Some people with whom you talked closely to work in the ministry told me that now you have changed dramatically. Allegedly became an official, not a friend or friend. Before that, you were Lesha for them, and now Alexei Anatolyevich. Have you personally noticed these changes in yourself?

– Not. All my friends remained friends, despite my status. I have been familiar with many since childhood. None of the loved ones overheated. Sports taught me to avoid star disease. The coach taught me at one time, and now – friends.

– So, Alexei Anatolyevich, if you do not exclude that you will leave the region in the near future, what are your actions as a minister of sports most of all?

“I remember the failure more.” All my victories are the work of the team. I immediately recall the adoption of a roadmap, when 900 million began to add to the sports budget every year. Low bow to Victor Tomenko for this decision. The Altai Territory was previously one of the three regions of Russia who did not accept the road map. In addition, I was glad that it was possible to attract federal money for the construction of sports facilities. And the third that the ministry “cut through the window” to the federal level and our region is now known in Moscow. When he first arrived at the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, everyone was surprised that someone from the Altai Territory came to them. Thanks to this work, our region – one of the few – was called to the Council for the Development of Physical Culture and Sports under the President of Russia.