45 Pervouralians ran skiing as part of the complex' гто''='
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45 Pervouralians ran skiing as part of the TRP complex

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45 Pervouralians ran skiing as part of the GTO complex

45 Pervouralians ran skiing as part of the complex' гто''='

Last Sunday, at the Vegeosity ski base, the Pervouralians handed over the skiing with a free style – one of the winter standards of the TRP. Despite the frost, 45 people went to the track, the youngest of them is 7 years old, the oldest is 82 years old.

We are hardened!

This time, the skiing on the vivacity gathered the most persistent. The day turned out to be sunny, but frosty: the thermometer sank to -20 degrees.

-Ski competitions are held up to -25 degrees. Such conditions are such, such weather, we live in the Urals – hardened! – Smiles a testing participant Elvira Burneyshev. -In the evening, she specially prepared for the frost of skis: she applied ointment-compound to reduce the return. My whole family is engaged in skiing, at an amateur level. We live on Samstroy, so we run on the old vigor – husband, son, daughter -in -law. And today I pass the TRP. I already have a gold icon, handed over in 2017. Now I confirm it: then I had the eighth age step, and now – the ninth.

Elvira Sergeevna – physical education teacher at school No. 1. The GPO gold sign will help her at qualification certification next year. Such a useful bonus to a healthy lifestyle.

Frost and schoolchildren were not afraid.

“The second time I pass the TRP,” the fifth grader Dmitry Bobylev rests on ski sticks. -So far there is no icon, but I hope to get it, at least bronze. I don’t go to the section, but I go in for sports: in the summer, for example, I swim, I ride a bicycle.

One collective application entered the tests. It was served by PMUP Vodokanal. The team includes the employees of the institution, the majority are the “TRP” badges with experience.

The participants went out onto the track in groups, but started one at a time. As explained by the head of the physical and mass work and the TRP PMBU FKIS Start Svetlana Chernova, the length of the distance depended on the step, that is, the age of the participants. In the physical education and sports complex of 11 age groups: from 6-year-olds and ending with the category “up to 70 years and older”. Men under 50 years old had to run five kilometers, those who are older – three kilometers, for women – two and children – one kilometer. The skiers chose the style of running themselves: someone ran skate, that is, a “Christmas tree”, someone in a classic style.

Sport is longevity

At the start of the participants, fans encouraged, sometimes whole family support groups.

“The son Igor passed the standard today for the third time,” the fan Dmitry Platonov shares. – They met him at the finish line with his mother and sister. He is engaged in the ski section for the fifth year, from the first grade. Igor already has a gold icon, hanging at home with medals. The youngest daughter inherited “championship” skis and brother’s boots are crossing.I myself once also engaged in skis, I have not yet passed the icon, but I plan.

It was a little unusual to see among the fans, and not on the ski, a well -known fan of sports in the city Valentin Chupkin.

– I do not run today, I handed over to the gold icon a few years ago, it will only need to be confirmed next year. So she came to support others, ”explains Valentina Fedorovna.

She is the oldest owner of the TRP sign in Pervouralsk, now she is 83 years old. At the same time, she handed over to the gold sign the first time. It could not be otherwise: with sports Valentina Chupkin on “you” – a participant in more than two dozen marathons. He still runs at the stadium at school No. 4, on the embankment of the lower pond. And, of course, on vigor she is a frequent guest.

However, this time the oldest participant in the race is slightly less – 82 years. Another impressive example of sports longevity for those who just start skiing and want to achieve results in this sport. By the way, 5 people represented an age group over 70.

Seven thousand people who want to pass the TRPs

In total, at this time, in the city district of Pervouralsk, more than seven thousand people who want to receive a “TRP” sign were registered. And every year the number of Pervouralians who have received signs is growing. So, in March last year, when the next award took place, 23 gold characters, 9 silver and 5 bronze were issued.

“The next award will take place in February,” says Vladimir Budantsev, head of the PMCU PMCU department of the FKIS Start. – The icons will be received by those who passed the norms of the TRP last year. In total, in 2021, 25 measures were held to surrender various standards: running, skiing, swimming, pull-ups and so on and 10 TRPs festivals. Festivals are held to popularize the complex. About 2000 people took part in all events.

Everyone can see which sign – bronze, silver or gold – he can claim: all results are entered electronically in the participant’s account.

The next delivery of standards at the vigor ski base will be held on February 16-17. It will again be skiing with a free style, but already for organized groups: this time students will come to the track of the Pervoural Metallurgical College and schoolchildren. Starting workers recall that the participation of a medical certificate, registration in the STO system on the official website of the program: user.gto.ru/user/uregister, as well as a passport or birth certificate.

Those who passed the ski run on January 30 are now waiting for other disciplines of the complex.

How to hand over the sign TRP

1. Register. To do this, fill out a special questionnaire on the official website of the program in the section user.gto.ru/user/register.
2. Learn the schedule for receiving standards on the website of the Test State Technical University PMBU FKIS Start: pervostart.ru or by phone: 8 (3439) 22-12-96.
3.Contact a medical institution to get a certificate-announcement for competitions.
4. Pass the test according to the age step GTO
5. If you successfully fulfill all standards, you will receive the insignia of the GTO complex