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Rent of gyms in Volgograd. Rent a premises for the gym in Volgograd. Free announcements of Volgograd

Announcements on the rental of gyms in Volgograd. Premises for the gym for rent. A large selection of premises for the gym for rent on the Cenotavr website in Volgograd.

Rent of gyms in Volgograd

The premises of the dance hall for hourly rent are rented. Spacious halls with mirrors, good flooring in Voroshilovsky (opposite the Youth Theater) and the Dzerzhinsky district (8 Air Army St.).

A gym for classes for various martial arts (boxing, kudo, kickboxing, hand -to -hand combat, jiujtsu, fights without rules, judo, sambo, combat sambo, karate, aikido, etc.). There are mats in the hall, a gym.

We offer an hourly rent of a gym of 250 square meters. M., in the hall there are tatami 64kV. M. 25mm thick, carpet, trampoline, mirrors!

We will remove the hall for eastern martial arts. Schedule 2 times a week. In the interval from Monday to Friday from 18 00 or from 19 00.

The Erkaev martial arts center is leased a gym in the area of ​​the Sports Palace, a contractual brawl. The Zali is reduced, the same aside PADALKA, shower, tuale. I have to use different ones to use different ones.

Urgently! I will hand over the hall hourly, good repair, high ceilings, a place with good traffic, 1 I am a line. To fitness, yoga, gymnastics, sport, etc. . Flexible conditions, from 300 r/h

I’ll take off the gym, the room is no more expensive than 250r Center, Leninsky district

I will rent a gym in Solnechnoy-2 (6th, 7th microdistrict) for group classes for group classes. No more than 200 rubles an hour.

Honor rental of a modern choreographic hall located in the city center. – The area of ​​the hall is 60 m2 – there are 2 lockers and the reception area – the total area of ​​90 m2 – video surveillance, you can observe.

I will rent a room for dancing, in the central part of the city of Saratov.

Honorary rental of halls of 35 and 50 sq.m in the morning, day and evening time for gymnastics, choreography, martial arts from 300 r.

I will rent a hall of 50 m2, the height of the room 4 m, equipped for fitness, dancing, etc. A new repair has been made, there is a locker room and a bathroom. The hall has: choreographic machine, mirrors, suspensions.

Rent cost: for 1 hour of classes. On weekdays from 8.00 – 16.00 Wednesday and Saturday from 8.00 – 22.00 Sunday from 8.00 – 22.00 If you have among you those who want to rent an excellent class.

Good afternoon friends ! . Rent cost: for 1 hour of classes. . On weekdays from 8.00 – 16.00. Saturday from 18.00 – 22.00. Sunday from 8.00 – 22.00 if there are those who want to rent among you.

A gym is given to hourly lease, for martial arts, struggle, gymnastics, yoga, etc. The hall is located at ul. Luga 67/69 rooms 88m2, toilet, on the floor tatami suitable for everyone.

A modern sports hall for volleyball games, basketball is equipped with a volleyball mesh, basketball baskets, and a special floor covering. Suitable for various events.

Sports rental announcements. Premises for the gym for rent in Volgograd.A wide selection of premises for the gym for rent on the Cenotavr website in Volgograd. Footzal field, a field for minibosphthalm, a hall for physical education classes, for combat sambo classes you can rent all this and much more thanks to the Cenotavr website. Also on our website are offers for renting fitness studios, fitness clubs, dance studios. It is possible to rent a room both hourly and for a long time, from the owner and from intermediaries.