Festive decoration - Sputnik Georgia, 1920
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Not a saint: Buzova pushed away a fan during a holiday in Sochi – VIDEO

The scandalous behavior of the famous TV presenter was caught on video and shocked the public

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Festive decoration - Sputnik Georgia, 1920

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TBILISI, Jan 24 – Sputnik. Russian TV star Olga Buzova sharply pushed away a fan when he wanted to hug her for a photo – the video hit the Web and shocked the public. Olga Buzova is one of the most sought-after stars of Russian show business. The concerts of the star gather crowds of fans, and Instagram is bursting with subscribers. And although the presenter tries to be nice, sometimes her nerves can't stand it. Recently, Buzova greatly offended her fan. The star pushed away the guy who approached her asking for a joint photo. The video hit the web and shocked the fan club of the star. The video shows how the guy approaches the annoyed Buzova with a request to be photographed and puts his hand on her shoulders. In response, the TV star abruptly pushes his hand away with the words don't touch me. The confused fan laughed nervously, and then apologized, after which Olga allowed him to take a photo. “Our Buzova is not a saint”, “Ol, it’s tough”, “What would you do in her place?”, “Awkward moment”, “What’s wrong with her face?” comment on the web. Read also: Subscribe to video news from Georgia on our YouTube channel.