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How to order branded women's, men's and children's winter gloves knitted, without fingers, for sports and fitness at Lamoda: review, catalog, price. What gloves to choose on Lamoda?

How to order branded women's, men's and children's winter gloves knitted, without fingers, for sports and fitness at Lamoda: review, catalog, price. What gloves to choose on Lamoda? All of us

How to order branded women's, men's and children's winter gloves knitted, without fingers, for sports and fitness at Lamoda: review, catalog, price. What gloves to choose on Lamoda?

Gloves on Lamoda

We all carefully prepare for the winter, but the cold, as a rule, comes unexpectedly. It was then that we begin to remember such a necessary and relevant element of clothing as gloves. We offer you to choose such a necessary accessory on the Lamoda website.

How to choose gloves on the Lamoda website?

Gone are the days when gloves performed only one function – they warmed. Currently, this accessory is considered an important addition to any fashionable image and a good helper in life situations, during the acquisition of which it is worth considering some important points.

  • Types of gloves. In order to choose gloves and not get lost in their assortment, you must first understand the varieties. Now in stores you can find gloves not only for warming, but also for sports and just as an element of the image.

A wide variety of gloves

A wide variety of gloves

The most popular gloves are made from genuine leather. Such accessories are very practical, they have an attractive appearance, besides, they are much better than other gloves. It is not for nothing that boxing and other sports models are made of genuine leather.

  • Materials. Among the materials in the ranking of the best are knitwear and natural suede. Suede gloves look elegant, and they do not require careful maintenance. Knitted models are also good options, they are beautiful and of high quality. But in order for such gloves to last much longer, when choosing, you should first of all pay attention to the fabric and seams.
  • Glove length. If you classify gloves by length, then four types are distinguished: long, shortened, extra-long and mitts.

If you need to purchase several gloves for each family member at once, then take a look at the Lamod website. There you will definitely choose exactly those models that you have been looking for for so long.

Boxing gloves for Lamoda: catalog, price

If you decide to send your child to boxing, then you will definitely need boxing gloves. On the Lamoda website you can choose the gloves of your choice.

  • Lace-up gloves. The main advantage of these gloves is that they are firmly fixed on the hands. But gloves also have a negative side – they cannot be worn on their own.Often such elements are used in expensive boxing gyms, where there is such a person who will lace them up. . This type of gloves is considered the most common, as they are easy to put on. As a rule, such models are used by novice athletes.
  • Professional. Such gloves are used only by professional boxers, and they are fixed with laces. . Boxers wear such gloves during training, or during amateur competitions. These models are fixed with laces or Velcro.
  • Shell. By their own structure, such gloves are simpler than other types. They are filled with dense material, and covered with good leatherette or leather on top. In such gloves, boxers do not perform in the rings, since their main purpose is to practice hitting the bags.
  • Coaching. But these gloves replace boxing paws and training gloves. They are used by coaches to work out kicks for athletes.

Essential attribute of every boxer

Essential attribute of every boxer

On the Lamoda website you can purchase several types of boxing gloves at once, for example, Velcro gloves and a pair of training gloves. The price of boxing gloves varies from 1199 r to 4999 r.

Knitted and woolen gloves on Lamoda: catalog, price

Woolen and knitted gloves, which are on the Lamoda website, are presented in a variety of colors. Such an accessory will not only warm, but also look very elegant. As a rule, such gloves are made of alpaca wool, camel wool, yak down, or cashmere.

Take a look at the Lamoda website, and choose the following gloves from the assortment of the store:

  • Stretch gloves made of wool with the addition of acrylic or viscose are the most popular models of the store. They will be able to protect you from severe cold and will be a great addition to a winter jacket and coat. that imitate unusual mittens. Pay attention to the models made by machine knitting. They look concise and strict, and will serve you for a very long time. . Such models look very romantic and truly feminine. In addition, these gloves perfectly warm hands during severe frosts.
  • Gloves with interesting ornaments and patterns. If you want to look very stylish in winter, then get gloves associated with the use of large patterns, such as plaits and braids.
  • Knitted gloves with fur trims. These models will warm your hands and give the image a certain romance.

Greet winter with warm knitted gloves

Greet winter with warm knitted gloves

The price of gloves varies from 279 r to 10299 r.

Women's long gloves for Lamoda: catalog, price

Long gloves look quite stylish and feminine. On the Lamoda website you can buy such gloves. And which ones to choose, decide for yourself. You may like these models:

  • Long gloves made of natural suede.They will be able to decorate your image, as they are combined with almost any outerwear. Fashionable this season are models made from natural suede in black.
  • If you prefer something extraordinary, then you will like gloves with fringe and brushes.
  • For an evening image, you should pay attention to long gloves made of thin suede. You can wear them under a beautiful suit, or an elegant dress.

Leather and suede gloves

Leather and suede gloves

  • Gloves that have no fingers look very elegant and romantic. In such gloves you will look playful, unusual, bold.

Long mittens

  • You also need to pay attention to long gloves made of genuine leather. Many designers believe that it is precisely such accessories that look fashionable and quite stylish.
  • In the Lamoda store, you can also purchase elongated gloves with natural fur.

Fur gloves

Gloves with fur

  • For the summer, the site has models made of thin materials with the addition of romantic lace. Do not forget to buy them and put on, for example, on a romantic date.

Fishnet gloves

The price of elongated gloves is in the range from 499 r to 9999 p.

Adidas, Nike, Everlast, Reebok, Puma on Lamoda: Catalog, Price

Sport is good. If you also decide to go in for sports, for example, to visit fitness, then you will be useful for fitness gloves. There are several criteria that share the gloves for fitness into categories:

  • Gloves are female and male. Female models are much already than male. In the male there is a foam seal that helps to reliably hold the dumbbell or bar. . They look in the form of a product on which fingers are cut. Such gloves are equipped with perforated material and fixing mechanisms (Velcro).

Open fitness gloves

Open gloves for fitness

    . Such models protect the hands from external factors as much as possible.

Closed gloves

  • Gloves having a fluff. Such gloves allow you to monitor during training in the pulse.
  • Gloves made of genuine leather, leatherette and combined materials. The first option, of course, will cost you dearly. But they are much stronger and better than other options.
  • On the Lamoda website, you can buy fitness gloves from famous brands: Adidas, Nike, Everlast, Reebok, Puma and many others.

Sport gloves

The price of fitness gloves is in the range from 999 r to 4499 p.

How to buy Children's Gloves Reima: how to buy on Lamoda?

Children's mittens are perfect things that warm small pens in winter. Mittens can prevent hypothermia, will not allow children's skin to weathe.

If you want to buy Rima gloves to your baby, then you should pay attention to the assortment that is presented on the Lamoda website. Yes, it is large enough, and you may be confused.

To prevent this from happening, you must listen to the following recommendations:

  • Try to buy children's mittens according to the season. For winter, it is better to buy gloves made of dense material so that the baby is very warm in them.
  • Choose your gloves according to your size. For a child, it is advisable to buy models that will be a size larger than expected, but not very large. Thus, they will better warm the hands of the baby.
  • When choosing gloves, give preference to models that are made from mixed materials. Mittens made only of natural wool warm well, but they get wet quickly, “bite” and bring discomfort to the child.
  • For snow games, choose gloves made of thick water-repellent fabric or synthetic material. Also a great option – children's fleece gloves. They are soft, pleasant to the touch, and have thermoregulating qualities.
  • Do you want your child to be delighted with new gloves and wear them all the time? Then buy the ones that your baby chooses on his own. Let him choose for himself the color, pattern, shape of the gloves.

Lamoda presents excellent Reima gloves

Lamoda presents excellent Reima gloves

As a rule, children try to choose models of brighter colors, as they love everything colorful and beautiful. Rest assured, in such gloves he will definitely pass the whole winter.

How to buy black, white, green, red, brown gloves at Lamoda?

This season, gloves made from black, white, green, red and brown materials are considered fashionable. The Lamoda website presents a large assortment of models of various colors and from various materials.

    . If you want to follow the fashion, then get yourself red, brown and green leather gloves. Such options can add zest to your image.

  • Classic models of gloves do not go out of fashion – knitted knitted models in black and white. You can wear them under any clothes: turtleneck, pullover, dress, jacket, coat, jacket.
  • Also for winter colds on the Lamoda website you can choose gloves insulated with wool. Prefer black and brown options, as these gloves will go well under a fur coat and a warm long coat.
  • Gloves made of reptile skin look interesting and very stylish. These gloves will show that you have good taste.
  • Gloves made of multi-colored fabric. Such models will not warm you in severe frosts, but you can wear them in the spring under a stylish coat, jacket, raincoat, jacket.
  • Short kid gloves of different colors look very nice. They will be able to emphasize your hands, as they do not have a lining.

On Lamoda you will find gloves of any color.

On Lamoda you will find gloves of any color.

In the trend of the season, models decorated with metal decor, flowers, beads, sequins.

How to buy fingerless mitt gloves at Lamoda?

Mitts are a stylish and beautiful accessory that never goes out of style. Such gloves warm hands and wrists well, while not restricting the movement of fingers.

Modern versions of such gloves often look on the hands in the form of jewelry. Do you want these gloves too? Then feel free to go to the Lamoda website and choose your favorite model:

    , made of jersey, and having a hole for the thumb. They are usually used for fitness. . These are ordinary models that are shaped like pipes. You can wear these options under sportswear. But if you prefer more feminine clothes, then combine these mitts with a dress, or a beautiful classic suit.

Leg warmers

Recently, clothing with short sleeves has been sold on store shelves, for example, coats, sweaters, dresses, winter sundresses. You can balance such clothes with elongated mitts that replace the sleeves.

Long mittens

Young people are increasingly choosing mitts made of bright neon shades. In addition to such accessories, on the Lamoda website you can find models of the same shade, with stripes, or interesting patterns and ornaments.

Striped mittens

Patterned mitts

Patterned mittens

If you adore folklore style, then you will like options with large knitting, with embossed or jacquard patterns. For an evening look, lace mitts are presented on the Lamoda website. You can wear such models under a beautiful dress, go on a romantic date with a guy.

Knitted mittens

Biker mittens – gloves made of genuine leather that do not have fingers, or with very short fingers. Such options are in perfect harmony with a leather jacket, clothes made of denim and genuine leather.