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Grand Canyon • Fashionable clothes for children

Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Big shopping center in St. Petersburg, in which you can spend the whole weekend with the child. Grand Canyon is located half a kilometer from the metro station Prospekt,

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is a large shopping center in St. Petersburg, in which you can spend the whole weekend with the child. Grand Canyon is located half a kilometer from the metro station Prospekt, from where the covered track leads directly to the center. On three floors there were about a hundred stores, cinema Cinema Park, restaurants and cafes, the theater fruits of education. The neighboring six -story building is occupied by a furniture center, on the other hand is an ice rink with rolling skates and a cozy cafe.

For children and parents, a wonderful city on the third floor is of particular interest. In the marvelous city there are a children's city of professions of Kidburg, the workshops of the Academy of Talents, the Children's Theater Fruits of Education, the Extreme Park and three dozen children's clothing stores, shoes and toys.

Furniture center Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon shops

The largest Grand Canyon stores are Okay and Prisma hypermarkets, Electronics supermarket Yulmart, Sportmaster, Snow Queen – all of them are on the ground floor. A separate entrance from the side of Suzdal Prospekt leads to the sportsmaster and the Snow Queen.

Also on the ground floor, Adidas, Nike, Rebok, Intersport, perfumes and cosmetics Rive Gosh, Yves Rosher and Letual, Samsung, iPort and Sony Center, a dozen jewelry stores, watches, and gifts. From clothes on the ground floor you can find Gant, underwear Golfstream, Intimissimi and Calzedonia.

The interior of the shopping center

On the second floor, the largest area is occupied by household appliances of M. Video and fashionable clothing from Spain Zara. On the second floor there are GUSS, LEVI’s, Tommi Hilfiger, Marc O’Polo, Gerry Weber, Cropp, Caterina Leman, Charuel and others. There are also GEOX and Mascotte shoes, Eleganza bags.

On the third floor, the Cinema Cinema Park, a marvelous city with children's shops and entertainment, fitness club Leader Sport, Fudkort, Munhell Restaurant, Restaurant Family Cuisine and Brynza Cafe. And clothing stores Lee Wrangler, Colins, NEXT KIDS children's store. As well as Russian networks Baon, Concept Club, Ostin and very large Oodji.

Baby store in a marvelous city

A marvelous city

A marvelous city with children's shops and entertainment is located on the third floor. True, the British Next Kids is located outside the marvelous city near Oodji.

In addition to shops in a marvelous city, you can find a city of professions of Kidburg, the Theater Fruits of the Education, the Contact Zoo Country of the Enoti, the trampoline park Fun Jump. Every weekend, a wonderful city holds free holidays, creative workshops and developing master classes.

Children's stores

There are three dozen children's stores on the territory of a marvelous city, in which you can buy clothes, shoes, toys for children and adolescents. The largest of them is a junior store with a good choice of clothes and toys. Near the junior Adidas Kids, Crockid and Saluns. Opposite BC, Toy Toy toys and school uniforms.

In the store, children are mainly represented by large -sized goods: baby strollers and car seats, cribs, electric cars. You can buy children's clothing in stores in Russian brands Acooola, Orby, Stilnyashka, Little Lady, Saluns. Children's shoes are presented in ECCO Kids, 1000 and one shoe. Here on the third floor there is a store for nursing and expectant mothers will be a mother and clothes for newborn Mothercare.

Master class on the manufacture of boats in a marvelous city


On the territory of Kidburg there is a hospital, mail, airport, a bank, a police station where kids play adulthood and try themselves in various professions: firefighter, surgeon, editor, driver and pilot. Everyone who gets into the city is issued a resident’s passport and local money.

Official site, opening hours

The operating time of the shopping center is 10.00 – 22.00. Official website Grand Canyon