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Federal Accreditation Center of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

Federal Accreditation Center of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

About Us

We work on the basis of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Additional Professional Education Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation



On accreditation of specialists

Our news

The Ministry of Health of Russia reports the inadmissibility of the requirement of a certificate of accreditation of a specialist on paper with medical and pharmaceutical workers
The features of the accreditation of specialists have been determined from January 28 to March 01, 2022
Cases and conditions for the admission of health specialists to carry out professional activities have been identified
Panel discussion on the topic NMO. Periodic accreditation. FAC was held on November 9, 2021 as part of the international forum Rosmedobr-2021
A new provision on the accreditation of specialists has been approved
An order was issued to create a federal accreditation center
The head of Fatz spoke about the new periodic accreditation system
Expert Rmanpo: In Moscow, quite extensive experience has been accumulated in the treatment of coronavirus infection in children
Head. Department of Cardiovascular Surgery: It is necessary to regularly clarify the effectiveness of measures used against pandemia


I want to express my gratitude to the FAC employees for the attention, efficiency and professionalism in the process of solving the problem that I have addressed. Despite the workload of the center’s specialists, they figured out my question and gave recommendations. Thank you!

Vera Nagibova

Hello! Pasibo big for help. I found the corrected protocol on the site. It’s good that we have such attentive and responsive people.

Svetlana Gunyashova

I thank the FAC employees for responsiveness and for the colossal work that they do! Strength and patience!

Demina Olga Igorevna

Colleagues, many thanks for the help and your inhuman patience! I would also like to see a list that would be updated once a week about which documents were adopted and where they went. It would save from a bunch of calls. And also the wishes, some additional identity identifier in the protocols, at least a year of birth, otherwise the Ivanovs are an incredible amount.

Thank you very much to the FAC employees for your attention and professionalism, for the help and operational work, for the responsiveness and work that you do

Variychuk Zhanna Ivanovna
Dmitry Samsonov

I am grateful to the employees of FAC and personally to the employee responsible for the personal acceptance of documents, for the attention and assistance provided in the completion of the package of documents, responsiveness and good attitude to colleagues. Was pleasantly surprised.

Boris yeast

Good evening! Accredited in two specialties at the same time.I want to thank you, there were no problems at any of the stages, if you can consider the proposal to take a step a little forward: there is a need to update the five -year plan in the LC NMO. Please consider the possibility of either automatic updating of accreditation data, or tell me where to see the data. Thank you, with respect.

Olga Robertovna Kuzina
Irina Vinogradova

Good afternoon! If you allow you, a proposal to improve the work of the online assistant for submitting documents for accreditation: in a line where you need to attach information about the work, you need to increase the file size of more than 5 MBT, since a copy of the work book takes a larger size than permitted.


Contractors who filter a large stream of papers and decide on sending to the central accreditation commission! Thank you very much for the information! I wish them good luck in all matters! Sincerely, Panchenko K.I.

Panchenko Konstantin Ivanovich

I thank the FAC employees for responsiveness and for the colossal work that they do! Strength and patience! I would like updates on the site more frequent and, if possible, create a search engine named and SNILS for accredited and not yet, so that it is clear at what stage you are. And also please decide the issue of introducing accredited specialists in the Federal Republic of FireMR, this is very important. All deadlines pass, certificates are ending, and since October 2021 there is no data.

Svetlana Vladimirovna Trushina

Good evening. I passed the certification work, I really liked everything, everything is quickly and promptly, a very friendly attitude. I want to say a lot for everything.

Irina Zakharova

Good evening! I want to thank the employees of the accreditation center for a friendly attitude towards colleagues. Collecting a package of documents was worried, whether everything was correctly and correctly designed. But everything went well. I especially want to thank employees at the stage of receiving documents for their patience, responsiveness and efficiency. Thank you

Loskutova Larisa Evgenievna

Hello. Since December 28, 2021, there is no information about the meeting of the commission. It is not clear when they appear, people have the terms of existing documents, what to do next? Information on the correctness of the paperwork by mail did not receive employees, during this time 2 regulatory documents on accreditation in 2022 were released, there is no explanation whether to redo everything or for those who have the documents registered, the accreditation will take place. It is not realistic to look for the results of accreditation by protacols, because they may coincide with the name, other information is not provided. It is necessary to put some kind of filter to facilitate the search (according to the alphabet, the region, etc.) Contact phone for communication on an accreditation commission is not provided, how to solve issues and with whom?


06/06/2022 asked the FAC and the next day I received an answer. Thanks for the efficiency and attentiveness

Belotelova Anna Vladimirovna

I express my special gratitude to the Director of the Accreditation Center Lyudmila Vladimirovna Melnikova for her responsiveness, quick response, prompt resolution of emerging problems and kind attitude towards applicants. I also thank Tatyana Vladimirovna, an employee of the Accreditation Center, for her attentive, sincere attitude towards visitors even during the lunch break. I would like to note the clarity and coherence of the work of the team, the coordination of the activities of departments in order to provide quality and timely service to medical workers who apply to the Accreditation Center. It's nice when important tasks are solved without unnecessary red tape and delay, which saves our time and allows us to perform our main job duties at the workplace. Thanks a lot!

Senina Larisa Vladimirovna

I express my gratitude to you and wish you good luck and success in your difficult work. Hold on you'll be fine

Abdul Mafouz

Colleagues, thank you very much for your professionalism, attention, responsiveness and for the colossal work that YOU are doing. Strength and patience to YOU!

Aliev Tazhidin Dzharulaevich

I express my deep gratitude to all FAV employees for their friendly attitude and congratulate all women on the Spring Holiday on March 8th. First of all, I wish you peace, love, health, creative success.