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Delivery and payment | Villaggio (Sukharevo)

All information regarding delivery and payment: delivery zones, minimum order value, payment methods, opening hours.

Shipping and payment

Nekrasovsky (Katuar), Sukharevo, Marfino, Lyskovo, Trinity-Seltso, Sholokhovo, Larevo, Wrestler, Gorki Sukharevsky, md. Labor, Big black, Khlyabovo, Monakovo, Small Ivanovskoye, Samoryadovo, Fedoskino, Novo-Lugovaya.

Delivery zone №2

The minimum order value is 800 rubles.


Ermolino, Bazarovo, Spas-Kamenka, Kuzyaevo, Drachevo, Menzhinets, Fominsky, Pestovo, Rumyantsevo, Nikolo-Prozorovo, Zeleny Mys, Podolnikha, Kryukovo, Aksakovo, Yuryevo, Lugovaya (scientific town).

Delivery zone №3

The minimum order value is 1000 rubles.


Iksha, Malaya Chernaya, Zaramenye, Bely Rast, Nikolskoye, Lupanovo, Lobnya (Rogochevskoye Highway, Shaduntsa Ave.).

Delivery zone No. 4

The minimum order value is 2000 rubles.


Dedenevo, Shukolovo, Tseleevo, Podosinki, Staro, Gorki, Novoseltsevo, Eremino, Abbakumovo, Lobnya (Bukino, Moskvich, Katyushki), Krasnaya Polyana.


Delivery to settlements that are not included in any of the zones can be carried out for an additional fee.
Check the cost of the service with the operator by phone: 8 (495) 488-69-54

Delivery and payment methods

Payment by card

You can pay for your order online on the website of our restaurant using Visa, Maestro, MasterCard.


Acceptance of payments on the site is provided by the Robokassa payment system.

All payments are made through the payment system Robokassa. The service was developed taking into account the most modern encryption technologies – when paying, information is transmitted in encrypted form using the SSL 3.0 protocol
Payments are accepted through a secure secure connection – the input and processing of confidential payment data is carried out on the side of the processing center. No one, even the seller, can receive the bank card details entered by the client, which guarantees the complete safety of your money and personal data.
All confidential information transmitted when making a payment is stored on specialized servers of the ROBOKASSA service, as well as additional servers that provide automatic backup and recovery of all data.
The use of a bank card on the Internet is implemented in such a way as to ensure maximum protection of the data entered by the client, which minimizes the risk of fraud. Each replenishment in ROBOKASSA with Visa and MasterCard cards is thoroughly checked by the system, which further increases the security of accepting payments.
The company operates internationally and regularly confirms the quality of its service with international certificates of conformity. ROBOKASSA services have been certified for compliance with the PCI DSS standard, which confirms that the technologies they use, which regulate the safety of cardholder data, meet the most stringent requirements.

To pay online, you need to enter the following data:

one.Select the type of payment system (Visa or Mastercard);
2. Indicate the card number (16 digits on the front side of the card);
3. Enter CVC / CVV number (3 digits printed on the back of the card);
4. Enter the name and surname of the card owner;
5. Enter the validity of the card.

Attention! The return of funds for the payment system of Robokass is impossible, please be careful when paying for an order

You can find the details at the link

Payment by card courier

The courier will bring with him a mobile payment terminal. Mastercard, Mir and Visa cards are accepted.

Cash payment to the courier

You can pay for the order in cash with our courier. Do not forget to indicate how much you need to surrender.

Courier delivery

We carry it for free. You pay only the cost of dishes.


You can receive an order at the nearest SP of Villaggio Food at any time convenient for you.