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Buy bulbs (tubers) of Daylilies with delivery by courier in Moscow and by mail throughout Russia. You can order bulbous flowers of Daylilies in our online flower shop at a discount. The catalog contains a large selection of flowers Daylilies with descriptions and photos


EcoGrunt Universal 7L IP Tkachenko

These herbaceous perennials have long been habitual inhabitants of many gardens. Previously, it was possible to enjoy the beauty of just a few varieties of this plant. Now flower growers have the opportunity to purchase daylily bulbs of numerous species. In sunny weather, the beauty of the flower will admire the eye for only one day. But at the same time, a powerful rhizome produces up to 30 peduncles, on which there are up to 20 flowers. Over the entire flowering period of the daylily bulb, the owners will be fascinated by the number of flowers. The company 7 seeds offers a choice of several varieties of this wonderful plant. In order to make it easier for you to choose, under each variety there is a description of the daylily. Delivery is carried out both in any corner of Russia and abroad.

Planting and caring for daylilies

The best time to plant a daylily is autumn. The most suitable soil is loamy drained with the addition of humus. Do not forget that the planting depth should be about 30 cm. The optimal distance between seedlings is from 60 cm. Taking care of daylilies is not very difficult, because plants, due to the specific structure of the root system, are adapted to prolonged drought. If you follow the rules for planting and caring for a daylily, then your garden will be full of beautiful flowers for a long time.

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On the website of the online store you can read detailed descriptions of each variety of seeds, and each tool. To make a purchase of seeds or other goods for the garden, you just need to make a choice and collect a basket.

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Flexible terms of delivery to any point in Russia. Small minimum order amount. It is possible to pay for the ordered seeds or tools immediately, or it is possible to make payment after receipt, by cash on delivery. All goods are certified, have a guarantee. Seeds are packed in individual packages with a large stock of expiration dates.

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Choose, order and buy everything for the garden in the Seven Seeds online store. And seasonal promotions and regular discounts will help you save. Happy shopping!