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Boomstarter – Update 12: Honey has arrived!

Crowdfunding platform

Cream honey with berries. Apiary equipment

We sent parcels to 37 cities in Russia. We deal with Ukraine and far abroad.

Muscovites! The first batch of honey has arrived, we go in chronological order. Pickup is open from Vernadka and will work in full force from Friday!

Who can't wait – write, we'll think of something!

Thank you all for your support!


  • Ksenia Volkova February 17
  • Can you tell me the address of pickup from Vernadka?
  • Artem Taranov February 17
  • Is it possible tomorrow around 4pm?
  • Natasha Neizvestnaya February 17
  • Is it possible to meet somehow in the metro (pr. Vernadsky), or maybe there are some other pickup points?
  • Ksenia Volkova February 18
  • Oh great! Can I pick it up myself (I previously indicated delivery, cross me out), please tell me the phone number by which you can agree on the time.
  • Alexander Simakov February 19
  • And when will they deliver in Moscow? so no one contacted me to clarify the time and the product itself
  • Yana Morozova February 20
  • Yes, please write a phone number where you can call, I would drive up for my 2 jars. Thank you!
  • Yana Morozova March 04
  • Can we still arrange delivery? We can't come and pick you up on our own. Write, please, is it possible to deliver honey to us? We are located in Moscow, Maryina Roshcha district
  • Philip Philip March 06
  • And where is the pickup at Vernadsky?
  • Olga Hoffman March 21
  • Good afternoon! And how can I pick up my two jars of strawberries? I can go to the vernadka.


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I am the creator of the Cocco Bello brand, which began with the production of butterfly ties and female shirts. At some point, we came to the conclusion that business for the sake of money does not make sense. I wanted a new direction to solve some social problem. So at the family apiary, we founded the production of our honey products and herbal teas. Most of our employees are elderly people who not only began to receive a solid retirement increase, but also felt necessary. Agree, because this is a great happiness – to do the business that you love!
This fall, our new stage of development begins – caramel production in the village of Maly Turysh in the Urals.