Anti -vibration insert RP 2 for a gas burner
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Anti-vibration insert RP 2” for gas burner

Anti-vibration insert RP 2” for a gas burner, prevents the transmission of vibrations from the gas pipeline to the burner and vice versa. Buy on

Anti-vibration insert RP 2” for gas burner

Anti -vibration insert RP 2 for a gas burner

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Anti-vibration insert, or the compensator is mounted on the gas pipeline when connecting the gas burner.

Eliminates the transmission of vibration from the burner to the gas pipeline pipes and compensates for possible misalignment of threads and pipes.

  • Material: stainless steel;
  • Connection diameter: 2 out. thread.

Mounted in any position, recommended for installation on any burner. Since the deformation load from the gas pipeline to the ramp is reduced. The transmission of vibration to the gas pipeline is reduced, which reduces the noise from the operating burner. If the burner is connected with a flexible bellows connection, an anti-vibration insert is not required. Since its role is played by eyeliner.

Specifications: Anti-vibration insert RP 2” for gas burner
Gas connection diameter, inch 2
Manufacturer ELCO
Gas connection diameter, inch 2
Manufacturer ELCO

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Gas burner ELCO VG 2.210 D KN 1 1/4' (210='' квт)'='

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Gas burner ELCO VG 2.210 D KN 1 1/4' (210='' квт)'='

Gas burner ELCO VG 2.210 D KN 1 1/4' (210='' квт)'='

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