1xbet in Cherepovets: Addresses on the map
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1xbet in Cherepovets. Addresses of BC bets |

In search of points for receiving the bets of the 1xbet bookmaker in Cherepovets? We have collected a complete list of PPS and offices in this city.

1xbet in Cherepovets. Addresses of betting points

Cherepovets is a large industrial city of the Vologda region, where 320 thousand people live. The city has enough working industrial enterprises that provide high permanent earnings of the local population. This indicates the presence of a large army of potential customers, which many bookmakers operating in Russia drew attention to. Did not stay away 1 x Bet. In Cherepovets, this bookmaker immediately opened 5 points of receiving bets

1xbet in Cherepovets

1xbet in Cherepovets: Addresses on the map

Local bettors should pay attention to the work schedule of ground points 1xbet in Cherepovets: there are “boards” that provide services around the clock, there are points with an individual schedule.

PPS working around the clock:

  • Lenin 46;
  • Pr-kt Lunacharsky 21;
  • Leo Tolstoy 1.

Offices operating on daily schedule (11.00-23.00):

  • Komarova 10;
  • Belyaeva 69.

Good conditions are noted in each point of receiving bets: there is an opportunity not only to make a bet and watch popular sports events on TV, but also to order a cup of hot coffee or tea. Geographically, almost all PPS are in the central part of the city, which provides a convenient entrance to each of them with the help of city vehicles.


1xbet has created really good conditions for bettors, which not every city of this significance can boast.